Day 6 Complete

Started on Memorial Day with my girlfriend. Just finished my last shake of day 6 and first Saturday on this.
Tried some of the workouts the week before to figure out weights and get acquainted with it.
I’m doing the advanced workouts since I’ve been lifting regularly but for the vchallenge i had to drop to beginner and work my pace up.
Using extra supps- microPA on workout days, indigo whenever having plazma, hotrox (1 cap twice per day), ZMA and Z12 at bed
Workouts are in the mornings mwf and vchallenge on sat
Getting 30min of NEPA (2 miles on a treadmill at 1.5 incline/4mph) on non-workout days, hoping to get it consistent for workout days. Burning over 200 calories with NEPA but I honestly find this the hardest part of the whole thing for me. (Its a mental endurance test for me because it’s slow but still somewhay fatiging without the rush of higher heartbeat activity)
Was able to adjust for a few complications: Travelled and forgot Plazma so I ate a yogurt parfait with berries as a substitute of higher carbs with some protein pre/mid workout food. Still waiting on superfoods so using another brand until the shipment arrives.
HSMs are coming from Snap Kitchen. Things like turkey chili and mixed fruit are common meals, on the upper end of the calories at 650 or so.
The metabolic drive protein tastes great. Got some bags of all 4 flavors. Have been Mixing flavors and making sure to get the flameout each time. Stomach feels full and sometimes even bloated despite only having 220 calorie shakes. Very reasonable to stick with this part.
Eating shakes at 9am, 12pm, 3pm. Hsm at 6pm. Shake around 9pm.
Keeping a bag of metabolic drive and bottle of flameout at work along with a shaker helps.
To deal with food irritability, took some 5HTP fast dissolve which helps
Down 3 lbs so far. Doing measurements and weigh-in tomorrow on an empty stomach (took initial measurements Memorial Day morning). Will post both initial and new numbers at that time. Looking forward to it.

Awesome. Keep it up!

Results Day 1 morning vs. Day 7 morning. (6 days of V-Diet)
I’m 6’1 and around 14% bodyfat according to impedence tests.
Measurement: Baseline: Change by Day 7
Weight: 165.8 lbs: -2.7lbs
Neck: 36cm (14 1/8 inches): +1cm
Shoulders: 112cm (44 1/8 inches): +3cm
Chest: 99cm (38 7/8 inches) : -2cm
Waist U: 81cm (32 7/8 inches): -2cm
Waist BB: 84cm (33 inches): -2cm
Waist L: 88cm (34 1/2 inches): No change
Hips: 37cm (94 inches): No change
Arm L: 35.5cm (14 1/8 inches): No change
Arm R: 36cm (14 1/4 inches): -.5 cm
Leg L: 57cm (22 3/8 inches): -1 cm
Leg R: 55.5cm (21 7/8 inches): -1cm
Calf L: 38cm (15 inches): -0.5cm
Calf R: 37cm (14.5 inches): -0.5cm

Pictures look practically identical. Will post pictures when there is some kind of contrast.

Results Day 1 morning vs Day 28 morning (27 days of V-Diet)
Measurement: Change by Day 28
Weight: -4.3lbs
Neck: +0.5cm
Shoulders: +0.5cm
Chest: -5.0cm
Waist U: -4.0cm
Waist BB:+1.0cm
Waist L: no change
Hips: no change
Arm L: -0.5cm
Arm R: -1.0cm
Leg L: -6.5cm
Leg R: -5.0cm
Calf L: -0.5cm
Calf R: -0.5cm

Overall, not as much of a change as I was hoping for (relative to the effort) but it did work. Arms, Back, and Chest did recover some size once i switched back to my prior workout and they were a bit more pumped up (thus i didn’t do the extended workouts). I did experience a small but noticable improvement in strength in both squats and pullups. The v-challenges definitely improved over the course of the weeks. Going to continue with shakes more often and incorporate them into my diet. Definitely liked the HSMs (went to snap kitchen most days). The last shake of the evening wasn’t always needed but I took it for muscle preservation. I was hungriest just before the HSM every day that I had around 6:30pm. I did all of my workouts first-thing in the morning. NEPA wasn’t consistent on workout days but I got atleast 30 min in on the rest days.

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