Day 4 on V-Diet


Just started this week and looking forward to the results. Since I just found this log I will make it more formal and post pics soon.

Start (2/7/11)
Hgt: 70"
Wgt: 190
Waist: 38.5"


Welcome! Keep us updated!

And if you have any specific Q’s for me, post them in the “Ask Chris” forum so I’ll be sure to see them.


Thanks Chris. I forgot to add that my BF%, via scale, is 27 but I’m a little suspect of that however I can use it to my advantage.

I stumbled on this site when researching “Havoc” thanks for all of the good, well rounded information professionally written.


The "Why"
Everyone has a reason for choosing the V-Diet or similar diets so I thought it important to share some thoughts. I spent 10 years on active duty in the Marines (Infantry) 1992-2002 and life was good. Not just the “adventure” and “exotic destinations” but also the fact I could eat and drink as much as I wanted whenever I wanted as I was burning 10,000 calories a day. Heavy packs, extreme temps, and forced marches will work wonders on a waistline.

Long story short I’ve spent the last 9 years in the Reserves and my bad eating and lifting habits finally caught up with me. So much so that I’ve been embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach when I take my girls swimming. I’m not embarrassed so much by what others will think but I am embarrassed by what I think. I couldn’t stand to see the reflection in the mirror juxtaposed with the memories of how I used to be and decided a change was necessary.

The V-Diet is that change…