Day 4 Now

on 4th day of the diet,

doing better, no headaches, fatigue is going away and I haven’t
snapped at anyone (yet). stomach is growling a lot more though.

sometimes I can’t finish the shakes, especially at night on the
weight training days.

will weigh myself at end of week one.

looking forward to watching the superbowl, even if the
pats didn’t make it in this year!

yeah it was a good game - even though the Giants didnt make it this year. 18 - 1 !!!

Hey Skyefit !

Thanks sooooooo much for the quotes! Keep em coming! I absolutely love quotes, and usually have one per day that I focus on. It helps me throughout the day especially when it gets tough for me to stick to the V-Diet. I re-read my quote of the day, and INSTANTLY I am motivated lol.

I see you have started a few days ago as well, that’s AWESOME! Keep on keepin’ on girl! WE GOT THIS ! :slight_smile:

yes on day 6 lost 3 lbs so far but can notice difference in shifting of the old body! tomorrow is my first hsm, yum can’t wait!

I love getting the inspirational quotes as well, they help motivate me.

keep me posted, we can do this!

I have my daughter pick out which flavor to have every night for dinner, pretty funny! Then we try mixing different flavors to add some variety.

awww how cute. great idea about mixing flavors to add a bit of variety! I may have to test that out tomorrow.

Please keep me updated on what you ‘offically’ decide to have for your HSM!

day 7 and having the hsm today for lunch!

going with turkey breast, brown rice, asparagus and a salad with olive oil and vinegar. cooked it last night so I would have it all weighed out and not overeat!

then cut out 1 shake for the evening to make sure I stick with the 1200 cal for the day and macros.

on day 9,

Today is just cardio and 1200 cals, will add 15 min of hiit to it even though I know I am not supposed to, but need to keep up my levels for teaching boot camp class.

Down 4.5 lbs so far and notice the body fat/comp changing already.

Only thing I am craving is salt and spicy stuff! Staying focused on the final goal and transition stage.

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