Day 4. Dry Mouth/Thirsty Question


Hello Everyone,

I’m a 29 year old male and today is my fourth day on the Velocity Diet. I’m experiencing unusual hunger today but that’s not my issue. With all the amounts of water in the V-Diet, somehow I always have a dry mouth and I always feel thirsty!! Has anyone experienced that or know what to do about it?! Because drinking more water is not helping at all.

I’m short on time today but starting tomm. I will post my workout logs everyday here…I’m currently stuck at home with no access to a gym (am in cairo, egypt) so had to get creative with my workouts:)

Thanks everyone


Being thirsty on the V-Diet isn’t common. For most folks, drinking the shakes all day gives them more fluid intake than they normally get, though it’s certainly okay to drink more water as wanted.

Now, not to scare you, but being thirsty all the time is a sign of diabetes, but I doubt this is the case here.

For now, try some sugar-free gum to fix the dry mouth, and drink all the water you want. An occasional diet cola is okay too, just watch the extra caffeine intake.


[quote]rameeto wrote:
I always have a dry mouth and I always feel thirsty!![/quote]

Same for me. Big time.

I drank a lot of fluids before I started this thing.

Get some Propel Zero or something at the store.

There’s a lot to choose from… I’ve found the store brands to be better than some of the bigger names.

Just buy one of a lot of different things and be prepared to throw some of it away until you find something you like. Try to find at least 3 different things, because 28 days is a helluva long time to be thirsty and feeding that beast.

Also, I like a FEW of the flavored carbonated waters (store brand). I typically mix 50/50 with unflavored carbonated water because they’re nasty at 100%.

YOu can also try some of the teas, just try to avoid the caffeine- I’m sure you’re getting enough from the HOT-ROX, although nobody’s ever answered my question of how much is in that product.


Thanks for the feed-back guys…I’ll give it a shot


Hate to bump an old thread like this, but I figure it’s better than starting a new one. I experience dry mouth a lot regardless of fluid intake and believe it to be allergies myself.

Any thoughts on using those biotene products? Like the gum / mouth wash. It says it prevents dry mouth.