Day 3 on V-Diet

Ugh I feel terrible!! hopefully this is just a reaction to the new protein and supplements. Please tell me it gets better. I don’t want to cheat on real foods just feel nauseated and burping lots. I am not quiting just wondering if anyone else went through this and when it got better.

I’m on Day 3 as well. I don’t feel as bad right now. Day 1 and 2 were pretty rough for me, I was getting headaches, feeling light headed, unable to concentrate at work/school. Today I feel pretty good, it might be the fact that I got to have Surge today.

You’ll get used to it, just suck it up.

its normal.
going from a presumable high carb diet to a strict high protein diet will do that to ya

I am on day three as well, I don’t feel to bad minus the sleepless nights, headaches, nauseated, a little gassy, and dizzy… lol … but it will be so worth it… :0)

I am on Day 16…hang in there! The physical symptoms will lessen over the next few days. Make sure you are drinking lots of water…definitely helps.

I found changing the temperature of the shakes sometimes is helpful. Try cool water instead of ice cold.

After the physical symptoms died down I had some really good days and then just shy of 2 weeks some real food cravings kicked in, you just have to gut it out.

Last night I went to our dining facility at work and sat and talked while guys ate pizza and cookies and cream ice cream in front of me. While it looked good I was really unfazed, food doesn’t control you, you control food.

I definitely see an improvement in the mirror too. It is funny becasue just a few days ago I was feeling really discouraged but I feel like I have really hit my stride, you will too just DO NOT QUIT!


Day 2 here! Not a happy camper, but not as bad as I thought either!

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