Day 3 of the V-Diet

So… is it normal to have some fuzzy-headedness and nausea at first? Is this an adjustment period? I want this so badly to work!!

Working on getting past missing chewing my food… :slight_smile:

YES - I felt extremely fuzzy headed and nauseous for the first 4 days, but it passed after that.

Sometimes it’s due to the HOT-ROX, so maybe try backing down to taking 1 pill 2x per day until your system adjusts. Also, try drinking half a shake, then taking the HOT-ROX, then drinking the other half. That seemed to help me.

Make sure you are keeping your carbs at the levels prescribed. That fuzziness is sometimes associated with the beginning stages of ketosis, which you do not want to be in.

First, are you doing the diet as prescribed? Same supplements, etc.

Second, some people are sensitive to HOT-ROX and should take that supplement with a shake, not before on an empty stomach.

Yes, I bought everything as prescribed- I wouldn’t trust myself to come up with such a complex diet! :slight_smile: I think you’re right- it might be the HOT-ROX.

Day 4 and I am starting to feel better, but have not been taking the HOT-ROX for the past two days. Does that mean that I shouldn’t take it at all, or that there is an adjustment period with it and I just need to push through?

Christie, I think your advice about 1/2 shake before and after might just work for me. THANKS!

THANKS again for all of your advice - you have all been very helpful! Great to have your support!

I have the same problem… i ran a redlight yesterday, not on purpose, knew it was red. Didn’t even register with me that i should be stopping lol. thankfully nothing bad happened. kinda scared me so im taking only one HOT-ROX twice a day. Good luck with your diet

Good to know that I’m not alone! So it’s working fine for you taking one HOT-ROX 2x day?

Thanks for your support, too!

I also have problems with HOT-ROX, so I am talking only two a day. It works very well even at that dosage. But I think that you might want to take look at Carbolin 19 which is also very effective and it does not stimulate as much (Chris also suggested to replace HOT-ROX with Carbolin 19 if you have problems with stimulants)

Same for me I am only taking 2 a day. This is day 4 & I took 1 as soon as I got up this am & hopped on the exercise bike for 35 min of NEPA. I can still feel a little buzz but not as bad as before. I’m going to try & increase the first dose to 2 with half a shake & see how it works

Yeah, that suggestion from Christie seems to be helping - 1/2 shake before and 1/2 after was easier to handle. But I am going to look into that Carbolin 19 stuff, too.

Diverdog, let me know how the increase works for you! This is now day 5, and I think I’m finally in the groove.

Hey Mo - seems like day 5 is about when I finally felt “in the groove” as well :wink: Then it was honestly pretty much smooth sailing until the last 2-3 days. Glad the suggestion about taking mid-shake helped you out :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, that mid-shake thing worked perfectly! I had no problems after that. THANKS again! I will try to go up to 2 twice a day in a few days.

And yeah, I am pretty much in a good rhythm now!

I have to say, though, it was a little tricky walking through the mall with my daughter… that food smelled soooo good… but I held strong. Most of that stuff doesn’t appeal to me anyway… although I do like the occasional soft pretzel…

Looking forward to my first ‘real’ meal in a week tomorrow! It’ll be salmon, salad and brown rice, most likely! Maybe some blueberries for dessert!

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