Day 3, Feel Horrible

On day 3 and it’s wierd…

I’m not hungry but I feel like total crap, headaches, and my acid reflux is killing me (even with meds). The acid reflux issue I don’t understand, I’m not eating anything acidic, etc but it’s killing me, as well as the headaches. I really don’t drink soft drinks, caffine, etc, so I’m really not sure what the deal is with these probs.

I figure my overall “bad” feeling is from cutting down the carbs? Monday, my first workout I smoked and thought it was too easy, todays about killed me, again, I think this is related to the nutrition changes, I’m not sure.

Dropped 7 lbs, obviously water, either way, still excited, trying to stay focused and not cheat.

Often times, lower carb diets such the V-Diet remove many addictive foods, such as wheat and milk, from the diet. This can cause a temporary withdrawal effect.

Also, if you’re taking HOT-ROX, you are now consuming caffeine. If you’re not used to that, back down dosage for a while, then build back up.

Also, are you using Metabolic Drive, the only approved V-Diet protein? I don’t see where you’ve purchased it. And I can’t tell you what would happen if you’re using some other brand.

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