Day 28 Tomorrow

We will finish day 28 tomorrow. We didn’t keep great measurements nor did we check body fat. We basically went with weight on the scale. I have lost between 10-12 lbs. and my wife has lost 8-10 lbs. What a great diet to get back in check and make the clothes fit better!

Here are a few pics we wanted to share.

Thanks Chris and Chad.

the first pic was day one. Here is this evening.

Day 1

this evening


Day 1 5’ 130

Today 5’ 120-121

Day 1 5’7" 178

Tonight 163.5


The biggest thing I wish I would have done is do the work outs a few weeks before hand to fine adjust weight properly.

We were strict and followed everything. I was a bit skeptical about the workouts but my strength has increased. I felt a little guilty taking the Surge after a few of the first workouts but once they are dialed in and the weights/times are in sync…great workout.

My best measurement was my waist.

I went from 37 - 34.

1.38 inches on my thighs and 1/2 inch on the chest.

WOW that’s awesome! These are great before and after pictures. Guess this makes you guys Rockstars. cheeers! Job well done.

What part of Montana are you from anyway (very curious, my heart and soul live in Montana, missing it and all that)


I’m from Belgrade/Bozeman area. In my office I have pictures all over the place of different parts of Montana in different seasons and places of interest that have something to do with my life there. Sometimes I get all teary eyed when I look at them. Texas is alright, but it’s a whole different planet from the social culture, magnificent beauty, and wild danger that is most of Montana. I want to be there so very badly.

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