Day 24/Back Injury


So I was on day 24 of the diet yesterday and had to transition to one meal per day early. I was training on Monday (day 23) and had a horrible back injury. Not sure what happened till I get an MRI this Saturday but I’m feeling a little better. I was overhead squatting and came out of the hole and felt a little funny. At any rate I was maintaining on Tuesday but the Dr put me on steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs and it was tearing my stomach up not eating. However, I relapsed yesterday and ate some Ice cream and a candy bar (which I’m admitting in hopes that my shame will get me back on course).

I’m going back to one meal per day but I’m afraid that I won’t balance properly since about the only thing I can do right now is get on the row machine, if that. I’m planning to stick to the one meal a day till next Tues then go to two per day and train with the Dr’s permission.

That being said I went from 229 to 213 in 23 days and although I didn’t get my BFP I’m sure it went down quite a bit. If you have any suggestions Chris I’d be glad to take em otherwise it’s been fun.

One more thing. I read Dan John’s article from a few years ago in which he mentioned doing barbell complexes with light weight while on the V-diet. I’m a crossfitter and obviously that would have to be scaled way back on the V diet. I was wondering if you have any alternate training program you would recommend for those who don’t do well on the velocity training. I like a lot of Dan Johns stuff and was wondering if you knew more about what he did on it, I’m assuming he didn’t do complexes everyday.


I’m not going to say don’t train, but I’m going to say don’t strain.

I think you could keep up the 1 HSM a day and still get some results while injured, however you’re injured so you might want to boost the nutrient uptake a bit to promote healing. Not permanently but just for a few days.

Hope you heal up well.

As for the Dan John workout- really I wouldn’t mess with the V-diet workouts unless you’ve done a full V-diet ( you’ve pretty much got that in the bag so you can tweak ). There was an article recently about back friendly leg training:

Combine that with some solid back friendly upper work and you’ll be fine. I feel complexes are a bit much while on the V-diet, though some light complexes might be a nice metabolic boost. Just take care of that back!