Day 20. The End Is In Sight

I’m going to make it, down 6 pounds and two inches off my abdominal girth. Workouts are getting easier despite increasing the workload. Perhaps even more importantly, my mood has improved considerably.

I’m 61. Despite being a life-long exerciser I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, both of which required medication of some kind just to function. However, after just a few days of doing the V-Diet I noticed that my mood began to stabilize and then gradually improve. This has been an wonderful, unanticipated benefit.

For the last 20 days I’ve felt hungry most of the time, sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much. My motivation to keep going? Doing this diet is a lot easier than doing chemo. After my last PSA my doctor counseled me that I have a 1 in 4 chance of having prostate cancer. After this diet is over I will have another PSA, and–depending of the result–a biopsy.

I figure that the leaner and healthier I am the better my chances. So no matter how hungry I may get from time to time, it’s better than doing chemo.

While I still have 8 days to go, I want to thank Biotest for coming up with a straightforward, doable diet that gets results quickly.

Will post final thoughts on March 15.


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