Day 2, Sick from Shakes?

So I’ve done everything exactly as outlined. Had my HOT-ROX in the morning at 5 am. 12 hours later I’ve puked out at least 2 of the 3 shakes I’ve had so far. Is this normal? I don’t want to give up. But I’d rather not puke everyday either

Drop the flax seed. It could be rancid (especially if it was cheap or not stored in the fridge), or you just may not handle it well. Also, take the Hot-Rox with a shake instead of on an empty stomach.

Should I drop all together for the next 26 days or go and try to find high quality flax seed? I have had flax seed earlier and I’ve never thrown up

The HOT-ROX are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach… but I’ve found if I don’t eat (or in this case, drink a shake) quickly (20-30 minutes) after taking them I get nauseous.

Consider reducing the HOT-ROX dosage (if you’re taking two) and timing your nutrient intake closer to when you take them.

What was your diet before taking on the Velocity diet? Part of major carb reduction in the diet, initially, is feeling nauseous and maybe that is what is happening. Not many people actually “leggo their eggo” as you have, but it does happen.

My diet was clean unprocessed food. But I never worried about carb content. Meals were centered around protein but there were carbs at every meal

I myself take Hot-Rox with food. It, along with any form of tea oddly, makes me nauseous on an empty stomach. But Hot-Rox still works with food; the energy “hit” just comes on a little slower, but all the other benefits are still happening. That’s probably the issue.

Day 4 and I’ve gotten rid of the HOT-ROX all together and the flax seed. I can finally sleep at night. Which gives me more energy. The shakes are nauseatingly sweet though. I cannot stomach the idea of another shake. How can I get over this

Add more water to cut sweetness.

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