Day 2 of VDiet


Hi Everyone! This is my first round with the Velocity Diet and I am excited! And, quite nervous. I heard about it through a trainer here in town that had extremely good results on it. (Her story is actually on this site.)
I never struggled with weight issues until after I had my first child. I ate anything and everything for 9 months, figuring it would just fall off after I left the hospital. :wink: I have plateaued at 160, (I’m 5’7") and was always around 135, pre-babies. I know I can follow this diet, and need to, so it helps to read the forums on here.
I am a little worried about falling back into my old eating habits after this diet is over but I’m hoping it will give me the strength I need to stay focused to eat healthier and only eat when I’m actually hungry.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to checking in every day!


Welcome aboard!

Keep us posted and be sure to pop any specific questions for me into the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris forum.


Thanks, Chris!
Day 3 and I’m feeling pretty good. I work really messed up hours this weekend so I’m quite tired. Probably a mixture of the diet and no sleep. :slight_smile: Still hard to resist food, even a cracker, but haven’t cheated. I know I’m not supposed to get on the scale yet but I needed to see if I was making any progress and I am. Started at 160 and down to 157.4. I’m pretty happy with the results so far. Gonna really try not to weigh in until Friday.


Day 3 was the hardest for me. After that, my body started adjusting to the reduction in calories and my energy levels stabilized and my food cravings started to subside. Hopefully it is similar for you.


Hey thanks! I hope so, too. It’s the worst at work since there are always cookies, candy, chips, etc. laying around. I’m not very hungry today, so far, but afternoon/evenings are worse.


Can I ask who the trainer was that suggested this to you? I think I may know her too. :slight_smile:


hey hockeydawg keep it up! There will be times when you want to quit but you are strong and will do it!

I work in a restaurant/pub (bartender) and I am tempted all night long by customers buying me shots and drinks (which I politely decline) and by the smell of the food from the kitchen. The worst is when I have to drop food off at a table. Burgers and food smothered in cheese and bacon etc etc and it tempts me VERY badly!

Last night I almost broke, but it is all about how bad I want it, and I want to have a 6 pack, and if you want your goals, you will get them! There is a GREAT group of people here with a wealth of knowledge!!

Good luck on your journey through the V-Diet! I look forward to your progress!!


[quote]bdiddy5522 wrote:
Can I ask who the trainer was that suggested this to you? I think I may know her too. :)[/quote]

Kelli Keyes


[quote]staqua2 wrote:

[quote]bdiddy5522 wrote:
Can I ask who the trainer was that suggested this to you? I think I may know her too. :)[/quote]

Kelli Keyes[/quote]

That is what I thought. She is the reason I am doing this too. Oh, and she happens to be my sister in law. :slight_smile: My brother is her husband Todd. Small world!