Day 2, Good So Far

Well im almost completed with my 2nd day on the Velociity diet. This is the first diet I ever been on, Doesnt seem to difficult avoiding food. I do smell food or smell smells I take for granted. Seems like a piece of cake although im sure thursday my tastebuds will be screaming I just ignore the fleeting thoughts of food.Ive perfectly followed this diet so far to the T.

Day 7 still on program. I was being cocky on Day 2 . Day 3 came and so did the withdrawal from crappy food choices. Day 5 came and and the symptoms left. I used mint tic tacs to numb my taste buds, all gum just about has aspartame inside. Had and a HSM yesterday steak, lettuce , corn , guacamole , and brown rice. Amazed at the complexities of tastes I experienced. On day 4 I missed a shake due to a sales meeting, I had what I needed in my car but they never gave us f-ing a break. Anyhow my stomach has shrank and I weighed in at 187 lbs. this morning I started last Sunday at 195lbs. I cant even push my stomach out where it was. Also yesterday I tried some tea apparently unsweetened tea is sweet tea to me now. I sipped my friends sweet tea and almost gagged on the sweetness. So ending 1st week - 8lbs.

Just weighed in at 184 1/2 lbs.

Just weighed in at 181 lbs. 8th day. Cravings have almost completely faded away. Mixing the shakes is awesome. Sonething about flax I dont like im not sure why. Sleep is better . Im up to 4 HOT-ROX a day. Interesting I was sensitive to HOT-ROX but not now. I never thought id drop 15 lbs. In 8 days.

Day13 , 175lbs. I seem thinner but dont feel weaker. I hsvent been this light since I was 18.

I reached the last day of the diet , entering the transition phase. I weighed in at 165lbs. this morning. I started at 197lbs. I never would have thought Id lose 32lbs. that quick , I didn’t lose any muscle , I’m bigger than some of my friends and weigh less. My whole outlook on food has changed. I didn’t tell everyone I was on a diet and the ones that didn’t know were the ones to ask ," are you losing weight?" This program was a success for me.

Ima lil late with pics



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