Day 2 and Forward

SO…my girlfriend and i have decided to suck it up and embark on the Velocity Diet. I have been extremely interested in this diet for a couple of years now, and have finally decided to take the plunge(with some forceful reinforcement from the gf : )

A little bit of a background on us…i am a former division I wrestler who has basically let himself go. Don’t get me wrong, im not fat by any means, and to the average person i actually look like im still in shape…however, as we all know looks can be deceiving. Since I hung up the shoes, I have gone from an extremely fit and healthy person to someone who now eats quite badly, smokes a pack of cigarrettes a day, and is no stranger to partying. So, I quit cigarrettes cold turkey and loathe to become the healthy and fit former athlete I once was.

My girlfriend has always looked really good in her early teens yet has never been able to achieve the “toned” thin girl look(her words not mine btw bc i still think she looks great). She has always been a yoyo dieter and hopes to achieve a much more balanced and healthy lifestyle at the conclusion of the diet.

We were originally planning on not keeping a log as i usually don’t post very often on T-Nation, and thought we could just keep each other motivated. However, we’re currently at the conclusion of day 2 on the diet and it has become extremely difficult; so we figured we might as well start a log to keep us motivated and positive.

Anyway, if some people could chime in with little helpful techniques as well as some more info such as when do the hunger pains dissipate? If it continues to be this difficult, we will have an extremely hard time completing this challenge we have undertaken for ourselves.


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