Day 2, Afraid of Muscle Loss

I just ran into a patient of mine (I’m a Physical Therapist) whom I hadn’t seen in 2 weeks, he remarked that I looked smaller, the week before the V-diet I was more cautious of my eating but was still lifting considerably heavy weight and at a growth inducing volume, now just 2 days in without the heavy stimulus I feel I’m losing muscle mass. I have typically had a super quick metabolism and normally eat a ton just to stay a certain size, could I be catabolizing muscle? This am I had no gas during the lifts.

Appreciate all feedback.


You’re not burning muscle after two days of 200+g quality protein, some healthy fats, and some carbs. If anything, there’s a chance you lost some water that may have made your face thin out slightly, which the patient noticed because it had been so long since they saw you. Or… maybe they’re just a jerk and wanted to yank your chain. :wink:

It can take some time to adjust to being lower carb if you’re not used to it, but having Plazma before and during the session should definitely help. That’s why it’s specifically part of the V-Diet.

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