Day 2 - 2lbs Down Already

Okay, so here’s a little about me:
I am a 19 year old female.
I am 5’9".
Currently weigh 151 but started at 153.
I didn’t get around to doing my measurements yesterday, so I will do them tonight.

So far, everything’s been pretty good. I mean, it’s only been two days, but still, it’s been a good start. I feel okay. I am doing the intermediate work-out plan and it’s pretty much perfectly on tune with what I wanted out of this diet and exercise plan. I used to lift a few months ago, but I cut it way down to start running and training for races so that I could lose fat. Well, I ended up losing a lot of fat…but also muscle mass. Not good. So I think this diet is a good way to meet in the middle.

I figured that by participating in the forums, it’d keep me going “strong.” :wink:
I hope everyone’s having a great week and I look forward to seeing others’ posts to see what I can expect down the road.

Welcome aboard!

Running without lifting usually makes a person smaller but squishier and with a slower metabolism. Lifting with very little cardio leads to a faster metabolism, a firmer look, and even better fat loss if diet is in order.

My wife had to stop doing races due to an injury so she just focused on intense lifting. She was worried about fat gain at first, but ended up much leaner with only lifting. The main question she gets in the gym is “When’s your figure competition?” (And she doesn’t currently compete.)\

Keep us posted!

PS: Keep in mind that at first, with any reduced carb diet, you lose some water weight and bloat as well as fat. So don’t expect to lose a pound a day from now on. That was partially excess water weight. From day 3 or so on out it’ll be pure fat loss (and no muscle loss.)

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