Day 19 Superfood

My results are showing up and I am satisfied at Day 19, however I didn’t see anything about an exact measurement for the Superfood. It looks like there is a light line inside the small measuring spoon inside the Superfood bag and apparently I was supposed to be only filling it to that line each day and I have been doing a whole 2 scoops. Now I am about to run out.

I think I have enough for maybe one scoop for the next few days. It would be helpful if that was explained somewhere in the literature. Or did I miss it? Is says 2 scoops so that’s what I used.

I have been using 2 full scoops of the Metabolic Drive each serving and that has been plenty. I guess I won’t get the last few days of Superfood. I’ll survive but that seems like a glitch in the instructions. Otherwise very happy with what’s happening so far.

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