Day 11 - Weight the Same but Measurements Down

Must be gaining a little muscle while losing fat on this diet. Didn’t think that was possible.

For sure it’s possible. It’s actually ideal and it’s what happens when training and nutrition are dialed in 100% on point. Good work.

It’s also why it’s so important to track measurements instead of just using the scale as a progress tracker like many people unfortunately/typically do.

What about a ‘smart scale’ like the Fitbit aria? I’ve been tracking my total body mass, lean and fat weight, and fat %. I take photos once a week because that’s what really gets me motivated. I did the measurements thing last time and kinda /shrugged it. The photos and seeing you change is the most convincing to me… But all that to ask:

What’s your take on the digital smart scales ?

Any device that uses bioelectrical impedance to determine body fat (like those scales do) are very prone to inaccuracy because the result can be influenced by simple hydration. You can alter the reading by drinking a bunch of water or having salty foods before you step on them. The more variables, the less consistent the reading. Hydration is a big variable and it’s one we’re not often aware of.

So, “smart scales” should be used as scales (straight-forward bodyweight tracking), not as body fat measuring devices. And, again, the scale should be just one of several progress trackers. Photos, like you said, are huge. Nothing more concrete than comparing a pic after 4 or 6 weeks of hard work to a pic from day one.

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