Day 10 of V-Diet

Today is day 10. As of day 7 I had lost 9 lbs. Started 232, 223 at day 7. Cravings for food throughout the day have mostly gone away except for when it gets closer to dinner time, hunger gets very strong about an hour and a half after my afternoon snack shake. I chew gum and it helps. I started using all chocolate shakes, but have now added banana mixed in and it kinda tastes like the chocolate pudding and bananas you mix together at most chinese buffets. I added instant coffee to my morning shake this morning and it tastes awesome.

A couple days I had to eat subway for lunch and made sure I only ate what calories I had left at dinner on those days. I have plenty of energy at workout time. It is hard for me to not run, so I only run for about 10 minutes at a slow pace and walk the rest of the time at a slight incline. I am going to weigh myself every 7 days and do measurements at day 28. Also, no alcohol at all during these 28 days. If you have to go out to eat, Applebees has a great menu with items under 500 calories that taste great if you do go out to eat with family or friends.

I am a 33 year old male. Started at 232 lbs. 6’3". I would love to be around 210-215.

Today is day 15. I am now at 220. The weight seems to be coming off slower. All shakes are still going down easy and taste great. Workouts are getting easier and I am having to lift more and lower the rest time in between sets. Today my workout was great. Like I stated before, I love to run, so I had to run for about 15 minutes after today’s workout. It has been hard to be around everyone at work and stay on my diet, but I have been able to do so. I have been finding more and more recipes and actually like being in the kitchen to cook. Before this I spent almost zero time in the kitchen. See you in another 5 days!

Good for you man, keep it up!

Way to go!

Day 20-down to 217 lbs. Missed yesterday’s workout, but will make it up today. Ready to start eating smaller healthy meals throughout the day! People at work know that I’m on this diet now and don’t pressure me to eat that crap they are eating and I appreciate it. Going to buy spaghetti squash tomorrow and make that spaghetti and meatball recipe for the family.

I won’t tell the kids about the noodles and see what they say. Any one out there thinking about doing this diet to lose wait and gain some strength at the time should stop thinking about it and do it. Stay disciplined and the 28 days will go fast. 8 days to go. See you in another 5 days! I will post pre and after pics on days 28.

Made the spaghetti and meatballs today! The squash takes great. Kids didn’t like the squash so they got regular noodles. Meatballs I used turkey meat, onion, ham, zucchini and egg whites. Meatballs taste great too. I used hunts mushroom pasta sauce.

Look forward to seeing your transformation. I am on day 18 today, I love the daily HSM! I will have to give the spaghetti a try. Eating corned beef tonight though.

This last week I started adding some more healthy food in at lunch so there isn’t a complete carb overload starting this next week. My weight stayed the same at 217. I lost 3" in my waist total. I’ve still been making little gains in the gym. Here are my before and after pics.

Before and after.

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