Day 1


Started today :slight_smile:

I am very motivated to lose some of my fat and my main goal is to gain healthier eating habits.

I went out with a bang last night and had my favorite pizza and a nutella crepe with strawberries. Hello bloat!

Here is the dirty.

Height 5’1
Weight 140.2
Neck 12.5
Shoulders 40
Chest Upper 36.5
Chest Lower 33
Waist at Navel 30.5
Waist at Largest 34
Hips at Largest 37
Upper Arm L 11.5
Upper Arm R 11.75
Upper Leg L 22.5
Upper Leg R 23
Lower Leg L 14.25
Lower Leg R 14.75
Ankle L 8.5
Ankle R 8.75

Apparently the right side of my body is biggest than the left!


More pics