Day 1


Hey All! Day one Velocity Diet started today … I’ll post up the Before and after pics as soon as I can figure out where. But I’m starting with 12-13% body fat at 166 weight. (I used one of the electronic fancy machines, and I know there is wiggle room/incorect readings). I will use it again under the same conditions 4 weeks from now, but I’m letting you all know my goal is to drop to 6%, which is 10 pounds of fat, and I’m gonna hit my Goal!

I’ll keep you guys posted, and you guys keep me accountable!



Don’t worry about the numbers. Those devices can be WAY off. You could have totally visible abs and the device will tell you your’e 12%. Instead, follow the diet plan’s advice and use tape measurements and photos. Otherwise you’re just going to be disappointed chasing a number instead of a look.

And you can start your log in the diet log section:


Wow, Chris, again witht he Super fast response! Do you ever sleep??? Thanks for sending the Log Link. Was there also another email or information about starting the Diet to be sent…? I chacked Spam folders and didt see anything …

I also have the tape measure numbers and pics (I forgot to take a side one though, and will do that as soon as I’m done here), and I hear you about not chasing a number. For me, when everyone (and I mean EVERYONE who I have told I’m going on this diet) said “But you’re already in great shape…”, my response has always been the same: “Thank you, but no I’m not. I don’t make good Nutrition choices like I know I should …” I guess I’m saying that because I have a number I am aiming for, lose 10 pounds bodyfat. But I am MUCH more interested in, and Value, the Process rather than the results … That’s my mindset, which I think is right in line with what you’re saying.



There are no other emails. The whole plan is online.

Yep, sounds like your mindset is right on target! Keep us posted!


Chris, I’m not sure if my mindset is right … Instead of having dreams about cool things like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Women, I’m dreaming about all the bad things I want to do at a Brazilian Steakhouse! I’m dreaming about different ways to cook a steak and how I’m going to prepare my brussel sprouts for my Solid Meal!!!