Day 1 Tomorrow 7/13

I am excited for tomorrow as it is my first day doing the program. Over the past few years I have developed horrible eating habits that I just can’t break. With this diet I will defintely do that and will change my lifestyle in such a positive way. I will be in touch daily so hopefully if there is anyone else new to the program they can join in.

I will post photos tomorrow.

Welcome to the club…keep us posted…

Here are my four photos… I will post them 1 after the other.

pic 2

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

Welcome aboard the crazy V train, hang on and enjoy the ride!! Looks like you have the potential for some great results!! I’ll be following your journal so keep us updated

Welcome aboard! Great that you posted up your starting pics, posting up your current measurements and what you would like to acheive, in addition to breaking old eating patters, will help us keep you motivated and will keep yourself motivated. It’s not easy, but it is achievable when you put your mind to it and have some support! Good luck!

I weighed in at 222 to start the program.

I am 4 shakes deep on my first day and I am anything but hungry. Drinking the six shakes for my workout day has been a challenge to get down at this point. I am more full thank I typically am so that hasn’t been too much of a problem.

As for my workout this morning I did pretty well.

Bent over Row - weight 105 lbs 6,5,5,4
Over Head Squat - weight 105 lbs. 5,5,5,5
Dip - Body Weight - 5,5,5,5
Ab Wheel Rollout

With the bent over rows the weight felt just right… it was a struggle by the time I got to the 4th set and I definitely felt the burn.

The overhead squat was tough on my shoulders but overall might have been a bit too easy… I’m going to up the weights next week.

The dips with my body weight was a struggle… I am sure in a weeks time I will be much better at them.

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