Day 1 (Only 27 to Go)


Well thats the first day over and nothing much to say really. I missed out on one shake as I forgot when I was at work. I still had 5 though as its my training day. I’m thinking it must be the fat burners I’ve got for first thing in a morning. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine but when I do it really works.

I’ll probably have to get some more shakes though as the one I ordered doesn’t have casein in it and is really thin with water. Oh and the super greens powder I got reminds me of the dried fish food you give to gold fish! I guess it serves me right for going cheap but we’ll see how it goes.

I also survived a trip into the supermarket to get my peanut butter and coconut oil without raiding the shelves.

I haven’t really felt hungry but I did find myself trying to bite the froth on my last shake of the day so maybe i’ll get some chewing gum tomorrow.