Day 1 of the V-DIet


Didn’t do cardio this morning but on Shake #2. Have a massive headache but I would think that is typical for starting a new program. Looking forward to 1st workout after work (around 4). Would it be OK to do cardio before bed?


Well, there is no cardio on the V-diet, just a NEPA walk and a once per week V-Burn bodyweight session. Is that what you mean?

At any given time, something like 35% of all people have a headache, so it’s hard to attribute that to any diet. Still, many V-Dieters lower their caffeine intake (quit coffee) during their diet, and that can lead to caffeine withdrawal: first sign = headache.


Yes I meant NEPA walk…so can I just walk tonight after workout? Also, if I have mid-afternoon shake around 2:30, workout at 4, have Surge after workout, how long should I wait to have dinner shake?

  1. Yes, you can walk as much as you want. You can’t overtrain NEPA.

  2. Doesn’t have to be long since Surge Recovery absorbs and goes to the muscles very quickly. It’s not made to be filling either. So, whenever you feel like the next MD shake, go for it. I’d wait 30 mins at least though.


Thanks for your quick responses!!!