Day 1 in the Books


First day of the diet went really well, it was actually pretty easy for the first day 30 min Nepa walk on the treadmill and plenty of walking at the firehouse workout went well did the intermediate had to replace front squats with dead lifts and lat pull downs with bent over rows do to are gym at work other wise everything on point no measurements just starting weight of 220 Will get pics and measurements up on Monday when I get home from work

Workout 20 reps 30 sec breaks

Deadlifts 225 5,5,3,4,3
Bentover rows 135 5,5,5,5
Bench 70lbs dumbells 5,5,5,6
Wheel 5,5,5,5
30min Nepa @ 3.5 at incline of 5

27 more days to go


Well Done, Bro, I am starting tommrow, I always like to start on mondays.
I am going to start my log tommrow, we can keep one another motivated

What are your stats?



6ft 220 Not sure on body fat didn’t do measurements going to do them and pics tmrw Good luck


nice work mate!


[quote]kane2180 wrote:
6ft 220 Not sure on body fat didn’t do measurements going to do them and pics tmrw Good luck [/quote]

Cheers Mate, Will keep an eye on your thread


day two completed not bad was a little tired did 60 min nepa on the treadmill


Good luck to you! So far so good here, too. Day 2 done.


Great start, Kane. Go for it.


Day 3 down and gone all five shakes wasn’t bad a few hunger pains,work out as followed
40 reps 45 sec breaks
Stepups 90 lbs 8x5
Lat pull downs underhand grip 140
Push press 95lbs
Barbell curls 65 lbs
Abs curl machine 50lbs
30 min Nepa with wife outside

Day 4 day four down having a hard time with the sweet taste all the time but otherwise no problems the boys at the firehouse had blts for dinner and didn’t have any now I know I can do it because I love bacon
4 shakes down next one at 8:30
60 min Nepa 3.0 at incline of 5


Day 5 and six down can’t wait to eat tmrw