Day 1 Hot-Rox Extreme


Day 1 on Hot-Rox, so far I loved the pump and the way it brought me out of a typical morning slump and my focus was spot on!. I waited to eat breakfast for 2.5 hours after the morning dose.
How long is good afterwards for meal timing?
If I were to stack it with Indigo-3G how should that timing be played out?

Here is my situation; I have lost 80lbs so far (11 months)with diet and exercise (started with a lot of Cardio, introduced weights at the 6 month point). I am in my 40’s (male) and lift/HIIT cardio mixed for an hour 4-5 days per week. Fat loss on a scale has slowed particularly after I began weight training. I think part of that is the muscle mass that is noticeably present is weight on a scale, but I still have another 50-60 lbs to go for my end goal. I exercise in the evenings.
Any advice?


With Hot-Rox Extreme, you don’t have to wait that long after taking a dose to eat. Thirty minutes is good.

If you add in Indigo-3G, you’ll want to take that 30 minutes before starting workout nutrition on your training days, and 30 minutes before your biggest carb meal on non training days.

Nice job on the progress so far! And you’re right regarding the weight. When you’re lifting, it’s typically best to go by the mirror and how your clothes fit.

You mention you have more to lose. What are your current stats? What are the details of your training program? How about your diet?

That info will go a long way towards formulating a plan to get you to your goal.


I’m guessing 200-220 with muscle should be a good weight, but as I get closer to my goal I will be able to see how I look and go from there. Me deathly skinny (ribs showing) with no muscle was 182 lbs, that’s all I have to go on for a goal.
Diet has been simple to stick with, Oatmeal (Steel cut unflavored oatmeal with a hand full of blueberries and a dusting of ground cinnamon) or eggs for Breakfast, lean protein with vegetables for lunch, maybe some brown rice and or black beans with it, Dinner, whatever the family is eating, I try to input to keep it healthy, if not healthy I eat a small amount or push it harder during exercise. Exercise begins within the hour after dinner. Exercise followed up by Protein shake for recovery.
I have cut carbs, by carbs I mean simple carbs, complex are still in my diet. My job is for the most part a desk job, so that can be difficult, I make it a point to do some walking as often as possible. I have considered Indigo, I just don’t know where to time it with the daily schedule above.