Day 1 for Me - Reality Check


OK - total reality check today. I was planning on starting Monday but got eveything in the mail yesterday. I couldn’t wait so had to start today.

Now, I realize that I am a horrible eater, not bad stuff, just don’t eat - too busy, too complicate, and just plain lazy. So, today I am drining shake #2 and realize how much food is supposed to go into your body, and how much my body is so not used to it.

The first shake was yum. Love the super food even w/ the flaxseed. Shake #2, so much slower and my body has a big question mark in it. It’s a good thing though. The reality of how badly I eat is sinking into my hard headed brain. Suck it up girl…6 weeks to go to my body back on track.


It’s insanely easy and quick to properly prepare shakes five times a day. You really notice it when you have to actually make your own HSMs on a daily basis instead of planning for one once a week! Good luck on your journey!


Is it bad to do the diet w/Out exercise for the first couple of days? I wanted to officially start on Monday but after my test run yesterday w/ the suppliments, I would rather stay on the shakes. I realize that i will be short and have to order more in a couple of weeks. It is easier to drink a shake then to figure out how meals.

accidentally drank an extra flax seed. Oops. Looks just the same coming out-creepy. It’s like when babies eat corn. (BTW-my tummy was way too busy yesterday. Good think I was home all day. I am sure it was due to the drastic diet change.)

Is it possible to drink too much water?

Apparently, the first meal of the day is just going to be rough for me. Day 1 went smoothly minus meal #1(just a lot in the tummy to get started). Day 2-meal 1-same thing.

Lastly, holy detox. I felt exhausted and nauseous at the end of the day. I realize my diet was not good but how long does the yuck phase last?