David's V-Diet Log

11 Oct 09–Day 1 V-Diet

Height 73"
Weight 188.4 lbs.
Neck 15"
Shoulders 46.5"
Chest-Upper 40"
Chest-Lower 37"
Waist @Navel 36"
Waist @Largest 36"
Hips@Largest 39"
Upper Arm-L 13.5"
Upper Arm-R 13.5"
Upper Leg-L 21.5"
Upper Leg-R 21.5"
Lower Leg-L 16.5"
Lower Leg-R 17"
Ankle-L 9"
Ankle-R 9.5"

The first shake was gross with the flaxseed, but it was tolerable. Need to schedule shake intake to maximize time and minimize hunger. so far it about 3 hours between “meals.”

Question: What does one serving of flaxseed mean? I used the suggestion on the flaxseed meal package…(2 Tblspns ~60 calories)

2 TBSP is the serving size. If your flax takes sour or bad than it has spoiled.

Thanks cywren…it doesn’t taste bad, so much as it tastes granular when chugging the drink.

end of day 1: chocolate bedtime shake w/ peanut butter is probably the best. I felt hungry at the beginning of the day, but not hungry after the dinner shake.

Got tempted a couple of times, but still didn’t succumb. I only say that because, i hope it only gets easier. HAHA. Looking forward to the first workout tomorrow morning. In retrospect, I should have done some sort of NEPA today. I don’t think watching a movie counted. Off to bed.

today was the first monday workout:

had bfast shake about 1 hour before workout. I think next time i will have half a shake, then workout. Anyway summary for workout number 1: USE MORE WEIGHT!!

Front Squats: 115 lbs X 5 reps
135 lbs X 5 reps
160 lbs X 5 reps (about right
amt weight)
160 lbs X 5 reps

Chin ups: 188 lbs X 5 reps (Body Weight)
188 lbs X 5 reps
188 lbs X 2 reps
188 lbs X 2 reps
machine assist -30 lbs X 5 reps
machine assist -30 lbs x 2 reps (total was 21 but hopefully this still counts as “compliance”

Dumbbell press 65 lbs X 5 reps
70 lbs X 5 reps X 3 sets (i should have started at about
75 lbs, then my additional reps would’ve been harder/more in line with chris’ regime

Abs (no roller so walk outs instead) did 5 reps, 6, 5, then 4

After workout recovery, too sweet. It upset my stomach, but probably because it felt like too much food in there (made it with ice to keep it cold during my workout)

On an interesting note, using the restroom on shakes is fun…too soon?

How long did that workout take you do finish drake? i was always worried about how quickly i got done with them…made me wonder if i was doing it wrong somehow.

[quote]Balddog wrote:
How long did that workout take you do finish drake? i was always worried about how quickly i got done with them…made me wonder if i was doing it wrong somehow.[/quote]

Wasn’t too bad, nor too short I suppose. It was less than an hour for sure. I would say we got done in about ~40 minutes. Chin ups were brutal, and the ab walkouts were tough. I had never done the squats before, and the barbell bench press seemed pretty routine. Should have used more weights. Next time for sure.

Day 3: Flaxseed is not tasting better, but is more manageable. I am sore from the workout despite the needing more weight. No real hunger, but I fantasize about eating something, anything. I bet if the shakes tasted like chicken sandwich, then I would have no problems drinking them.

We got another workout this afternoon. Get up for it!

So day 4 workout was ridiculous…my buddy and I are doing the Intermediate and i struggled. I am sore, but I am excited about it. Don’t have the reps here in front of me, but I will post them later.

Day 5 is “I am currently drinking my last shake.” I have my first HSM tomorrow because I will be at a work function. I can’t wait. Anyway, i constantly think about eating something delicious (ie taco bell), but I stifle the urges with thoughts like, “eating taco bell will be an expensive Gordita.” haha. And then i think about my goals of why we are doing this whole thing in the first place.

SO…all that being said…“Day 5 down, no cheats!” Good night.

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