David's V-Diet Journey

I am starting the V-Diet on Monday and wanted to get my log going. I will be taking some measurements tonight and hopefully taking some pictures as well. Looking to post this information tomorrow. I’m pretty pumped to start this new chapter in my life. Will be posting again soon.

Very cool! Keep us posted, and be sure to toss any specific questions for me into the new <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris forum.

It has been a few days but I found some time to update so here goes.


Height- 5’10’‘
Weight- 198 lbs
Neck- 15.25’‘
Shoulders- 50.25’‘
Chest- 40.00’‘
Waist- 39.5’‘
Hips- 38.5’‘
Arm L- 13.5’‘
Arm R- 13.75’‘
Leg L- 22.75’‘
Leg R- 23.00’’

I’m on Day 3 of my Velocity Diet. I have had zero problems with hunger. The first day I only got 4 shakes in because I had my 4th shake too late around 7:00 and I just couldn’t drink another one before I went to bed at 10:30. Day two I got all shakes down. Started with a vanilla shake with a splash of coffee at 7:30, chocolate shake for lunch at 10:45, bannana shake at 2:00, recovery shake at 4:30, stawberry/vanilla shake at 5:00 for dinner, chocolate with natural peanut butter for snake at 8:30.

I am finding that I like the Bannana and Chocolate shakes the best. I did day one of the intermediate training yesterday at my local gym.

Lat Pulldown- 5 sets of 4 140 lbs
Squat- 5 sets of 4 135 lbs * might need to go up in weight, I’ve never done squats before
Dumbell Bench Press- 5 sets of 4 130 lbs * used 65 lbs dumbells
Ab-Wheel Rollout- 5 sets of 4
30 min walk on treadmill with a 1.5 incline.

I feel great. I took some before pictures but i will post those at the end of my journey with my new pictures.

Got through day 4 and on to day 5. Here is an over view of my workout:

Reverse Lunges- 5 x 8 20 lbs dumbells
Push Press- 5 x 8 30 lbs dumbells
Bent Over Rows- 5 x 8 25 lbs dumbells
Barbell Curls- 5 x 8 80 lbs curl bar
Reverse Crunch-5 x 8

The ab work was killer but I love feeling sore in the moring. I think i need to increase the weight on all excerises besides lunges. If I workout late and then drink my Recovery Shake I tend to not feel hungry or even want to drink my final shake of the day. I hope this won’t hurt me. I also have been taking HOT-ROX before I go to work and before I go workout on an empty stomach. I have had zero side effects so far. As far as the diet has been going I am not that hungry. I have been craving to eat and I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. This will be my meal for the week. I’m pretty pumped to eat some real fod besides 2 table spoons of natural nut butter.

Had my first HSM this weekend. I ate it very slow and really enjoyed it. I was at a wedding so I ate what was served. A filet and veggies were good. I really don’t miss eating food like I thought I would but I’m having problems taking down all 5 shakes in a day. I usually drink one at 8 another at 11 another at 2 and then one at 5. I usually am not hungry for the 5th shake especially if I have workout and drink the recovery shake. On day 8 and feel great.

Keep after it Dave, how are things looking now that you are almost two weeks in?

On day 13 now. Started off at 198 and i’m down to 192 as of this morning. I measured my stomach last week and I was down an inch already. I’ll do all my measurements after the 4 week plan and then again after I finish the transition period. I’m feeling great and I’m starting to notice the differnce in fat loss. I’m glad I’ve kept after it the past 2 weeks.

Now on day 19. I’m pretty geared up for my HSM this weekend. Maybe a lean top sirloin with no steak sauce some green veggies and a sweet potato. Feeling pretty good about myself and going to weigh in again tomorrow morning, hoping for 190 or lower!

I finished up my 4 week program and now on day 4 of phase 1. I finally took some after photos and will be posting those below along with my before photos. I feel really good about this Velocity Program and would recommend this to anyone interested in losing weight and getting healthy. I’ll post some measurements later today.


Before side…

Before side…

After front…

After side…

After side…

Awesome results bud, Great job!

Way to go man! Keep up the good work. !

3 weeks post velocity diet 3.0

staying strong…

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