Dave's V-Diet. Start 2/8

I have been checking this diet out now for almost a year and I have decided its time to give it a shot. The stuff is in the mail and Monday is go time. I figured I would start this log now to help get in the mind set, and this week I have done the workouts so next week I won’t have to learn them…

I will take pictures and measurements on Monday, but basically I need to lose about 20lbs and about 10% body fat (I’m 210 and about 20% BF…i’m guessing the BF)

Wish me luck

Good luck. We’ll be starting at the same time - Monday is go time!


Well here are the measurements and all I can say is its dissapointing…

BF 23
Height 71
Weight 210
Neck 15.5
Chest - Upper 43.5
Chest - Lower 41.5
Waist - at Navel 38
Waist - at largest 39.5
Hips - at largest 40.5
Arm - L 13
Arm - R 13.5
Upper Leg - L 24
Upper Leg - R 24.5
Ankle - L 13
Ankle - R 13.25

So far Breakfast shake was OK, the superfood def adds a less then good taste to the shake but prob better then it you have it alone. But it filled me up and I am about to have Lunch

The way I have this planned is, which seems logical to me…

7:00 Breakfast Shake with HOT-ROX
10:00 Lunch
1:00ish After Work out
4:00 Mid Afternoon snack
7:00 dinner
10:00 Bedtime shake

Pictures will follow shortly…

Day 1 Front

Day 1 Side

Day 1 Back

Day 1 went well, wasn’t hungry at all. Work out went OK, def have to fine tune the weights, i went to light… I did 30 min NEPA in the bitter cold and I drank so much water that I walked to the bathroom like 300 times so that should count for some NEPA too…

The last shake of the day, with the PB, was awesome… I’m wondering though if I can put the PB in the Dinner shake and just have the Metabolic Drive in the Bedtime shake… any thoughts on this?

All in all it was a good day

Day 2 and 3
These 2 days have been basically uneventful… Day 3 was supposed to be a workout day but due to the snow storm this were shutdown. So I will have to change the schedule around, I made day 3 an off day and Day 4 a workout day… No rest between days 4 and 5…not ideal but better then nothing.

As for the Shakes, I’m starting to get tired of the Chocolate shakes, I will have to start changing the flavors around…

I NEVER thought I’d be saying this but, Interesting enough I have been stuffed for the last 4 days, not hungry once, I actually had to skip my bedtime shake last night b/c I just couldnt “eat it”. If I had, I would have def puked due to being over full…

Even though I didnt lift yesterday, I did shovel snow, so i consider that my NEPA. gonna hit the gym hard today and try to get hungry.

I suppose this is a good problem but anyone else having the same issue?

Hey man,

A word of advise, I would not skip shakes. My friend did it and only lasted 10 days… he swears skipping shakes was his demise. Anytime you convince yourself that modifying the diet is ok, it starts to landslide. Next thing you know, you will be justifying skipping shakes for meals.

Try not blending them, use less water, and just chug it fast. I would shoot to have all your different flavors, assuming you got all four, each day. And mix flavors like crazy. You will wear down real fast if you go one at a time until you get tired of it.

You got it.


I’ve had the being over-full issue as well. I made a time schedule for when I’m supposed to have them and just do it anyway. I was actually hungry yesterday (day 10) for the first time since I started, but still had issues with the last one since it was a workout day (so +1 shake). You can do it, dude.

Thanks for advice guys, i did get all 4 but I only got 1 strawberry, 1 banana, and 1 vanilla and the rest chocolate… I’m realizing i screwed that up but owell just have to deal and mix and match the best i can.

nici, do you add the PB to the dinner shake or keep it for the last one? I’m thinking to try and use the PB at dinner b/c the bedtime shake is already 3 scoops and thats a killer… is that considered changing the diet?

Damn, your bedtime is 3? Yeah, I don’t know if I could do that either - mine’s only 2.
I think there’s a reason the PB is right before bed, rather than at dinner, I’ll try to find it for you.

For my shakes, I got some extracts and flavors (vanilla, coconut, almond, and mint).
A drop of vanilla and a drop of mint extracts in a chocolate shake goes a long way.
Also - a dash of cinnamon can really change the taste.

If you want to mix the other flavors and make them last longer, try a half a scoop of one, then 1.5 scoops of chocolate. That will probably change it up just enough to make it noticeable.

Other natural nutbutters may help as well - I’ve got almond and peanut for variety.

How ya doin’? Never saw pics for the start of week 2.

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