Dave's 'Happy 21st' V-Diet

Hi all,
after an unexpected cash surplus I finally got the chance to take the velocity plunge last week. This log is starting late, this is day 6. No slips so far I am glad to report and having a picture of me in my boxers as my desktop has proved more than enough reason to not even think about solid food.

This is my “Happy 21st” Log as I’m over in the states doing my masters research for a year and am turning 21 on the 25th of August. Every year I say I’m going to be in shape by my birthday… being a student, pizza and beer have wrecked that consistently to date. This year, no more!

So, starting stats:

35.5" waist
~17% body fat (but with the methods at my disposal the error is at least 2% either way)

I’ve taken some pics as well which I shall upload when I get the chance, but otherwise these are the only measurements I’m going to make since the other suggested measurements mean nothing to me: there’s no real sense of reward if they change but the feeling of failure if they don’t. The waist measurement is only there because I read (Chris’ ???) article stating that having a 34" waist as opposed to 36" would cut certain health risks by 17%, so that became a goal. As you would expect with those stats I’m not doing this to get super lean, just to set me on the path and punt me the first leg of the journey.

I’m a newcomer here and this is the first time I’ve ever had any sort of handle on my nutrition, particularly in regards to having sufficient protein. Add to that greatly increased reps compared to my staple strength-style workouts and I smell the potential for hypertrophy this first week. We’ll see what the scales have to say come tomorrow.


34" waist
I hope to lose 12lbs of fat and gain 2-3lbs of muscle, leaving me at 190lbs and ~12% BF, obviously any more fat loss would be a bonus, this is the minimum I wish to achieve.

OK, nearing the end of day 7, catch up for week 1:

First off, no lapses in diet: w00t, I have more than zero will power! :stuck_out_tongue:

Started on a Friday, doing the intermediate training, workouts M/W/F were Sat/M/W instead and I just finished V-Burn. Workouts went well, would be boring to post them, going to up the weight on a couple next week I think.

V-Burn, which I finished about 20 minutes ago. Holy Shit. 29:59.

Yup, you read that right, one second under a full half hour. OK, so I’m used to strength training and haven’t done a circuit since I stopped playing rugby 3 years ago. Also I was dumb and did it in my air-con free apartment in ridiculous heat. But fucking seriously, half an hour? Damn.

Well there’s some motivation I guess: I’m desperately more out of shape than I realised and, oh, for extra fun, if I don’t lose some of that fat by next week then I have to drag it all around another dose of hell. Bring it on, bitches.

From now on it will be updates at least every other day, and tomorrow will have my before and end of week 1 photos (CAUTION: What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen).

Take all the measurements. Just do it…

Oh one final note, today is HSM No. 1, angus sirloin and asparagus. Nom nom nom.

Having to have it as my final meal of the day due to shifts at work. Not ideal but no biggy.

And OK Malone, I’ll make the other measurements tomorrow morning, and once more at the end of 4 weeks. I’m gonna just trust the diet to get me through, not gonna obsess over inches.

Still no photos till later since I’m writing this from work, but they ARE going up today, just later.

Workout 5(today):

Front Squat @ 185 lbs:

Chin-Ups @ BW:

DB Bench Press @ 2x80 lbs:

Barbell Roll Out:

As you can see, no ab-wheel at my gym, but I’ll be at two different gyms in the next two weeks so that may change. Was impressed at my chin-ups, wasn’t expecting to hit 8 reps on the first set.

Today (Day 9) was the first chance I’ve had to weigh myself since the beginning, and, drumroll please…

192 lbs
34.5" waist

The waist I measured yesterday (day 8) first thing, and is an inch off my starting measurement (w00t!) and the weight was unfortunately after a workout meaning that dehydration was part of that 7 pound reduction. Nonetheless, one V-Workout does not equal 7 pounds of sweat. Fat reduction has been mainly upper chest and arms so I look a little less strong (but leaner) with clothes on and more muscular without. I suspect that I have gained some muscle mass this first week as well, in which case the actual fat loss could be up at 6 lbs.

All that has blown me away a bit, I’m past halfway on my main goals of the diet after 9 days. After the full 6 weeks, methinks I might actually have some abs.

I realise the measurements aren’t perfect with regard to timing but I am extremely busy. Tomorrow I leave very early to fly down to Berkeley, CA for a week long summer school which I’ve been manically preparing for. They have a choice of gyms there and I’m packing all my nutrition and hopefully getting some powder in shakers onto the plane for mid-flight meals.

Add to that the inconsistent shift hours and I have a hectic schedule to say the least, but it just shows, if you want to do something like this, there’s no need to put it off. If you have 4 weeks to do NOTHING but follow a diet and exercise plan then, well… you’re lucky and I want your life (though I’ll have my trip to CA first :p). Otherwise, get on with it.

The week I return from CA, the gym here is having its summer shutdown so I’ll have to go to a different gym again. Very skeptical about it but they claim to have at least a squat rack in there so should be passable.

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