Dave & Darlene's Diet Log

A healthy lifestyle is a shared passion that’s grown stronger over the years for Dave, 55 and me,Darlene, 58. Four years ago, we moved from professional careers in the Twin Cities to a more laid-back lifestyle in an active community in Wisconsin’s northwoods.

Competitive biking, skiing and trail running are the feel-good drugs of choice here, and we’ve seen firsthand how repetitive stress can wear a body down. Dave’s been an RKC-FMS certified trainer for the past three years, (recent HKC for me) and our kettlebell training studio is growing quickly as we switch focus to strength-based fitness rather than simply sports and cardio.

We’re held up as role models, and we take that seriously. We just began a month-long daily lifting routine in the studio, so we decided to take advantage of that to lose those few pounds of fat that seem to settle in our middles. We started the V-Diet October 4, with Dave at 5’10", 187 lb and Darlene at 5’3", 122 lb.

So we’re on Day 7, and doing well, making small adjustments as we go. Both of us felt a bit “off” on Days 1 and 2, but nothing too distressing. Given that I am a few pounds under the suggested minimum weight and post-menopausal (slower metabolism than in my 40’s, for sure, despite more exercise) I’ve made minor adjustments to quantity, using a scoop less protein at one or two meals a day, but getting all meals and supplements in.

My ideal weight is around 115, and after a week, I’m about two pounds down, Dave’s down four. Hunger is definitely not an issue - I struggle to get everything down, even though the shakes are (relatively) tasty. So far, we’re enjoying the plan - and glad we’re doing it together.

Great! We look forward to seeing your final results!

very cool guys, how’s it been going?

We’re into Day 12 now, and already talking about what aspects of the diet we’ll bring with us when we re-enter our new “normal.” A food scale is on the way; protein shake lunches will be lovely and convenient.

Neither of us is experiencing issues with hunger - in fact, we (especially me) need to work at getting everything in. We can see and feel fat loss around our mid-sections already, although Dave’s loss (seven pounds ) is, as would be expected, twice mine (a shade over 3 pounds.)

Some effects we’ve both noticed, besides having to use the bathroom once or twice a night, include a tendency to heat up more quickly when exercising and lips and mouth feeling dryer than usual. Despite the vast quantities of liquids and the constant schedule of drinking them, I find I’m still thirsty in between, but it’s easily quenched with a refreshing Metamucil or just plain water, tea or coffee.

Because my size, gender and age are outside the norm for the typical user of this diet, I have been making SMALL adjustments to quantities, omitting one scoop of protein per day, and using one scoop of Surge post-workout rather than two. We both feel strong during our workouts and throughout the day, but are more than ready to pack it in early every night.

We’ve enjoyed two HSMs so far, taking advantage of our beautiful fall weather to grill chicken breasts and vast quantities of colorful vegetables, including Dave’s favorite, brussel sprouts. We forgot about a starch with our first meal, but had a delicious wild -brown rice combo this week, spiced up with tons of herbs and peppers, black and red. We each had one 4-6 oz. chicken breast and unlimited veggies. Despite eating leisurely (about 30-40 minutes) Dave filled up before his plate was cleaned, which the dog was grateful for. She’s missed meat scraps. I ate every darn thing on my plate.

Our favorite shake of the day is our last: the addition of peanut butter is a treat. Dave mixes it in, but I occasionally like to savor it mouthful by mouthful on its own. Now that the nights are getting chilly, I prefer a hot chocolate shake to a cold one.

Onward… mid-point coming up this week!

Since I’m the writer in this duo, future updates to Dave and Darlene’s Diet Log will come from my username. (that, and we can’t seem to get Dave’s username changed from his e-mail address.)

Midway through the diet, and we’re both seeing good results. I’m down 4.8 pounds, Dave’s down 8.2; each of us have 2+" off our waists and about 1.5" from hips. Got a new body fat calculator since we started this, so we’re going to count from here, since the new one gives a higher reading for Dave (13.4) and a lower one for me (19.5). Best of all, we’re feeling strong during our workouts and seeing strength gains. We walk in the morning, work and work out during the day and crash early at night. Keeping it simple.

I’m finding the shakes easier to get down if I omit ice - feeling TOO full is less of an issue.

Going to keep this short - today is HSM day, and we’ve got some grass-fed, hormone-free steaks to grill. (Accompanied by organic baby greens salad with avocado, broccoli, peppers, pea pods with a baked sweet potato to share and a honey crisp apple for dessert.)

Day 19 almost done; nine to go. Smelling hot popcorn at the movies last night was tough - “RED” was fun, though. Dave asks that I refrain from talking about bison burgers, apples or anything else chewable. We miss food, but we are not hungry, and still setting PRs in our daily workouts. At 116.4 lbs., I’m close to my goal, but still aiming to lose some belly fat, so I’m continuing to slightly adjust the size of my shakes to maintain a reasonable calorie deficit. No skimping on supplements, flax or peanut butter, though. Dave’s keeping track to the letter, and down another pound.

We’re on the final countdown! With one week to go, Dave’s at 177 even and I’m at 115.6. Bit of panic yesterday - our HSM day - after we lost power during a massive wind, rain and snow storm. Where we live, no power means no heat, no refrigeration, no nothing - and because tourist season is over, it also means a drastic reduction in the number of restaurants open at all, much less serving a healthy meal.

Luckily, power returned (after 16 hours) slush let up and we thoroughly enjoyed our grilled buffalo steak (Dave), grilled wild salmon (me), grilled mushrooms, sweet potato and herb salad with tomatoes, carrots, avocado and apple for dessert.

We’re fielding lots of V-diet questions from our kettlebell colleagues - they’re impressed with our slimmer physiques as well as our increase in strength over the past number of weeks. I suspect there are easier ways to lose (almost) seven pounds, but I am feeling that the V-diet has been well-suited for what we wanted to accomplish.

First day without a strength-building workout since September 30; back to three times a week muscle-building routines on Saturday. Looking for things to do. Maybe log the weights we worked up to over the month? For dead lift reps: 325 lbs. for Dave; 165 lbs. for me. Multiple getups: 88 lbs kb for Dave, 26 lbs. kb for me; military press reps: 62 lbs kb, Dave; 26 lbs kb, Darlene; pullups for Dave; 36 lb. kb rows, Darlene; standing abwheel reps for Dave; knee-version for me, plus 20 minute 15 sec/on/off VO2 kb snatching drills a few times a week and a few other challenges thrown in when we got bored.

Definitely counting down the days (4) until we’re back to at least one HSM per day. I crave eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables!!

An invite to a get-together on Day 25 led to the mutual agreement to begin transition early. So - after 25 days on the V-Diet, we decided it was on to the next phase. Dave’s down 11.4 pounds (to 175.6 lbs. and 13% body fat,) I’m down 6.6, to 115.4 lbs. and 18% body fat.

Would we have liked to lose more? Yes - but we’re good with the progress we made, and confident that most of what we lost was fat, not muscle. And frankly, besides being tired of the shakes, I really wasn’t comfortable adjusting the diet recommendations more and more as I got smaller. We’ll get around to sharing measurements and photos, but we’re in no hurry - we may have finished the all-shakes, all-the-time part of the program, but we’re committed to more mindful eating and continued progress toward our goals.

BTW, the party was fun, and neither of us had any problem filling up on the lovely free-range chicken/wild rice/vegetable soup and ignoring the beer, wine and dessert tables, except for the grapes. A small wedge of home-baked bread did call to each of us, too, but enjoying real food with friends was the focus.

And now that we’re back to preparing daily HSMs, I remember now what I used to do with some of that extra time I seemed to have had last month - chop vegetables. After a month of way-too-sweet (for my taste) shakes, we notice and enjoy the flavor and texture of our food far more than ever. No need for salt, and I’ve cut way back on my use of crushed red pepper - a little goes a long way.

Great progress! I’m actually kind of missing the shakes, hopefully I will use them as sweet treats to replace normal sugary snacks…

We began the V-Diet six weeks ago, and now we are officially done. We finished 24 days of the diet before fast-forwarding through Transitions 1 and 2. For the past ten days, we’ve been enjoying two HSM’s per day and a shake for lunch and Surge after workouts.

We’re continuing to use Flameout four times a day. Dave usually has one or more additional shakes daily; and I usually have one, too. I add fresh or frozen fruit to my shakes, as well as substituting 6-8 ounces of Oikos fat free Greek yogurt for one scoop of Metabolic Drive for lunch. Delicious! The yogurt has 23g of protein, plus I need the calcium.

Breakfasts are egg omelets with a plateful of sauteed fresh vegetables and fresh salsa. Dinners tend to be lean protein and vegetables with an occasional sweet potato or brown rice. We’ve tried the spaghetti squash as pasta with lean grass-fed beef, vegetables and pasta sauce and love it. 13-Bean Soup with ham hock was terrific. Desserts have been fresh fruit. It’s been great to get back to cooking fresh, healthy CHEWY food.

We’ve been using Sideline XPS to track meals, workouts and nutrition - really helps to keep us on track and is quite an eye-opener if you’ve never tracked your protein/carb/fat ratios before. Over-eating hasn’t been an issue, and it’s easy to decide whether or not to eat something when you know whether you’ve earned it (or not) with your energy burn rate.

Dave has continued to slowly drop weight since we finished the all-shakes part of the diet- he weighed in at 175.8 this morning. My weight went up slightly the first week, but is back at 115. Body fat continues to drop, too. Both of us lost inches around our waists and hips.

Summing up, we’re pleased with our investment in the V-Diet: we lost weight, maintained muscle mass, weren’t hungry and continue to become more mindful eaters. Priceless.

Only the neck looks 59…I can live with that!

U guys look awesome! I hope my wife and I look as good as you guys when we are your age =)

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