Danilo's First V-Diet Log

Cant believe this is finally happening, after about a year of reading about this and following the “V-Dieters”, I am finally getting into this! I am starting tomorrow morning. Just wanted to say thanks to Chris for creating this and keeping it going (Tim and Chad as well).

Definitely, big ups to all the other V-dieters! Lets do this!

I hope the before pictures and measurements show:



ill do the measurements in the morning (Still need weight and Body fat %)

Stats: I am not sure if some of the measurements were done correctly but…

Stats Starting
Body Fat % 16%
Height 6’0
Weight 191
Neck 15.25
Shoulders 22.5
Chest - Upper 20
Chest - Lower 18
Waist - at Navel 35
Waist - at largest 35.5
Hips - at largest 38
Upper Arm - L 14.75
Upper Arm - R 14.75
Upper Leg - L 24.25
Upper Leg - R 24.75
Lower Leg - L 15.25
Lower Leg - R 15.75
Ankle - L 8.5
Ankle - R 8.5

Welcome aboard man! Good luck and have fun with it!

Good luck…you’re not in bad shape to start with so you should see some amazing results if you ride this all the way through. We’ll be keeping an eye on your progress.

Built a lot like me. Excited to see how we turn out.

  • Josh

Thanks for the support! Day 1 is going good…

Good luck. Keep us updated and keep at it, the results will be fantastic! I’ll be checking back often.

Day 1 is in the books, starting day 2. Cravings are there but motivation is super high (thanks to all this support).

Its crazy how my mind gets when people mention certain foods. Just the word hamburger triggers my mind/body to go into crave mode.

Its different from cravings before. Hope you all are having a good day, looking forward to my workout later.

Day 3 - So day two was good, my work out was actually one of the best I’ve had in a while, I have been used to Waterbury style of reps/sets since i had been reading “Huge in a Hurry”, which was written by him, that is actually the book that got me into this website.

Today is starting off well, I’ve noticed that my stomach has been very settled, which is a huge plus for me, i thought that all these shakes would be hard to digest as I am lactose intolerant and although whey is pretty low on lactose (i think, correct me if i am wrong) EAS whey protein destroys my stomach.

Been keeping up with my NEPA, I walk alot anyways…

Hope everyone is doing well.

Day 4…still 100%

wow, this is crazy…i am seeing how much of a mental thing this is, im full (i know, iam) but i still want to eat. Really missing salt right now, but there is no turning back.

keep it up man. always good to see a relatively lean person do the V-Diet.

[quote]cstephens16 wrote:
keep it up man. always good to see a relatively lean person do the V-Diet. [/quote]

thanks man, Day 5 is going way better already.

V-challenge - 44:05 week 1

Day 6 - So far so good, the shakes are becoming harder to drink but not impossible. Ill put up my results on Wednesday. Dont really know if the pictures will help but ill put up new ones as well.

I dont know if this has happened to anyone, but my body feels strange, hmmm, cant really put it into words but, it seems like i am pulling energy from it differently then before. Dont know if that makes any sense…anyways

have a great day everyone.

Day 7 - Yes! 1 week is almost in the books. I feel way more satiated today then i have since I started. I figured out that if I downed my morning shake I would feel fuller (because I am full).

Pictures and measurements tomorrow.

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