Dan81 takes on the V-Diet


Hi my name is Dan and I’m from Sydney, Australia and starting tomorrow Monday 18th Jan 2010, I’m starting the V-Diet 3.0!

Got all my supps ready to go minus the HOT-ROX since it’s banned here but instead will use Carbolin 19 and Se7en.

This past week I’ve been substituting some meals out for MD shakes, and wow are they tasty! I’ve also been slowly lowering my carbs over the last 2 weeks and already have dropped from 198lbs down to 187lbs and lost about 1 inch around the navel - I guess I’m pretty sensitive to carbs.

Vital stats:
Age: 28
Height: 5’8"
Current weight: 85kg (187lbs)
BF%: no idea…around 20%??

I don’t think I’m going to measure every single bodypart, but I will track closely the navel measurement - in the past that is where the inches come on first if I eat sloppy and where they come off if I eat clean. That and photos should track progress adequately methinks.

Starting pics:




My home gym: power rack w/ chinup bar, oly bar w plates, adjustable DBs up to 50kg and adjustable bench.

This is the first time I’ve actually gone on a proper diet - been lifting weights since I was 18 or 19.

I’m determined to go all the way with the V-Diet and uncover some of that muscle I know I have hidden away there!

Day 1 begins tomorrow and I’m psyched as hell. BRING IT ON!!!

go you good thing
mate, you’re carrying plenty of muscle so if you do the diet right you’re going to get wicked results. make sure you don’t cut any corners and do heaps of NEPA and you’ll smash it!

Cheers for the support Tom! It looks like you’re kicking ass just looking at your training log.

I think you’re dead right about the heaps of NEPA - that will be the key for me since I carry a lot of BF. I’m planning to do 90mins/day minimum.

The short rest periods really kick my butt, just did the day 1 workout this morning, will post the full update for day 1 tonight when I get home.

btw started taking the Se7en and Carbolin 19 this morning, no issues so far, I feel totally normal. If anything, the Carbolin 19 woke me up this morning…it’s early days so we’ll see in the coming 4 weeks. Metabolic Drive shakes taste totally delicious!

yup - be prepared for sore legs all week mate. Those squats are deadly
I’m adding in se7en soon - curious to see how it helps

Hey man. Looks like you’re gonna kill this thing. Tomcoves and I are moving right along. It’s good that you think the shakes are delicious. I’ll be here with you, at least until the last week.

[quote]smuscarella wrote:
Hey man. Looks like you’re gonna kill this thing. Tomcoves and I are moving right along. It’s good that you think the shakes are delicious. I’ll be here with you, at least until the last week. [/quote]

Hey mate, good to hear you’re getting into the swing of things. Yes, delicious shakes only makes compliance with this diet easier. I’ve noticed they are quite filling too and leave you not hungry for about 2 to 2.5hrs after.

btw those are some fkn huge crabs in your avatar…those are spanner crabs? Man I love crabs.

Day 1

25mins walk pre-workout.

Workout #1 (intermediate) - 20 total reps w/ 30s rest

  1. Front Squat: 143lbs x 5/5/4/3/3
  2. Rev-grip chin: BW x 5/5/4/3/3 (upper chest to bar - paused at the top)
  3. BB bench press: 187lbs x 5/5/4/3/3
  4. Ab wheel: BW x 10/10

Front squats feel a bit awkward, I could jack the weight up to 75-80kg if I wanted, but my spine starts to round ever so slightly at 70kg, so I figured I’ll keep the weight at a point where I can maintain good form. The chins are so much harder when you lean back slightly at the start and pull all the way up so that my upper chest meets the bar. Don’t have an ab wheel so I just used 5kg plates on my oly bar.

In general, the short rest periods kick my ass. I’m used to 2-3mins rest, so I’m really finding that I fatigue very quickly set to set.

Went for a lunchtime walk - 5km in 50mins.

About to down shake #4 for the day. Will probably go for another walk with my wife tonight after she has dinner.

All in all, feeling good, I’m spacing out the shakes every 3 hrs give or take, and only really feel very hungry the last 20mins before the next one…I can live with that.

Appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I changed the camera angle to be a little more flattering and accurate. Also didn’t have my boxers hiked up as much. Next week’s photos will be consistent. No complaints so far though.

I hear ya on the front squats. It’s an issue in general. I try to choose a weight that I can do explosively for 5 reps with good form. I favor slightly heavier though. Constant tweaking needed. As for the rest periods, in today’s workout, they didn’t even phase me. The first week was a bit rough though.

Those are Alaskan King Crabs. When I was working as a salmon fisherman, we got to pull some crab traps. Fresh king crab is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Yet, thinking about it right now doesn’t even bother me because I’m trying to get this last freakin’ shake down before bed. I wish I thought these things were tasty…

Day 2

morning: 60mins walk
lunchtime: 50mins walk

4 shakes down so far, last shake w/ peanut butter about 1 hr. Again, I’m only feeling hungry the last 30mins or so before the next shake.

A little bit tired this afternoon, but feeling better now for no apparent reason.

My wife was complaining about how bad my breath was yesterday. I usually don’t have bad breath - is this a sign of ketosis?

Chris was saying that you shouldn’t go into ketosis on the V-Diet - perhaps I’m doing more NEPA than is required? Yesterday I did nearly 2hrs and the day before that I did 1hr 15mins. Is ketosis a bad thing while on the V-Diet?

Also had nasty gas yesterday evening. I bought a fibre supplement - powdered inulin to add to a couple of shakes - that’s the only change I made yesterday. Seems to have cleared up this morning and I’m gonna stop the inulin powder for a couple of days to see what happens…

Don’t know anything about ketosis. Was supposed to be a highlight of this diet that it doesn’t occur.

Haven’t noticed any breathe problems, but I usually chew gum in between shakes to dull appetite and keep my mind elsewhere. The gas is amazing though! I feel sorry for your wife on that regard.

That is a lot of NEPA. I’ve been overdoing it quite a bit too. Can’t say I’ve noticed anything bad.

I cut out the inulin fibre supplement and no gas problems today…might take it back for a refund I think. I started chewing gum today too, it helps with the breath so that’s a keeper!

The NEPA I’ve been doing is just brisk walking as prescribed…I don’t feel as though I’m overtraining myself or taxing my recovery too much. Didn’t Gus Pacho when he did the original diet do it twice per day for like 45min to 1hr sessions each?

Day 3 - 100% compliance

Workout #2 (intermediate) - 40 total reps w/ 45s rest

  1. Reverse DB lunges: 17.5kg DBs x 10/9/8/7/6 (glutes on fire!)
  2. BB row (reverse grip): 60kg x 10/9/7/6/5/3
  3. Push press: 50kg x 10/10/8/6/6
  4. BB curl: 35kg x 10/8/6/6/5/5
  5. Reverse crunch on incline: BW x 10/10/7/7/6

Again, short rest periods suck, was sucking air between sets and it’s something that I’m definitely not used to!

Push presses are a new exercise for me, since I usually do strict standing MP. My form is something like…slight knee bend, then powerful thrust and I end up on my toes, the bar flies up to 3/4 lockout and I feel as though my shoulders do hardly any work (Maybe I should up the weight) - are you supposed to go to full extension overhead on these? Or is this mainly a power exercise?

Reverse crunches are hell on my unconditioned abs.

morning: 20mins pre workout walk
lunch: 50mins walk

4 shakes down, 1 more to go and it’s the delicious choc MD + peanut butter shake pre bedtime shake - YUM!!

good going mate

think Surge should prolly keep you out of ketosis. are you chomping on the flax? not sure whether the fibre counts towards keeping you out but i think it might.

not wrong about the short intervals! as long as the weights stay challenging i’m not sure it’ll ever get easier!

i asked Chris about the nepa and he said it’s pretty much impossible to overdo it as long as the intensity stays pretty low. i wouldn’t worry. 1st week the incline treddie made my legs stay sore and worn out all day every day but after 9 or ten days it’s gone away and i feel good.

Keep on grinding mate!

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