Dairy Products

Are any products part of your diet? I used to get most of my fats from them and wonder if any cheese or yogurt should stay part of my diet when trying to get lean?


Milk, in liquid form, is really the bad guy when it comes to dairy. Avoid milk and most people can call it there.

But I personally find that I keep leaner and look better when I limit the cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt. I have them sometimes, but if I overdo them I get “milk-like” effects. Not a lactose intolerance affect (I’m not lactose intolerant) just all the other drawbacks. When the main goal is fat loss or staying lean, I think most people would do better if they keep all such solid-dairy foods in check. But no reason to remove them entirely.

For fats, stick to meat, eggs, avocado, Flameout and fatty fish, coconut oil, raw olive oil, nuts, etc. I like heavy cream too. Very different than milk in macros, and of course you use a small amount of it anyway. Heavy cream was one of the first “weight gainers” back in the day: high, condensed calorie source from fat, yet carb free.

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