Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

I really like a little heavy cream in my coffee with one packet of splenda, but I am not crazy about a lot of dairy in my diet. Plus, I just don’t usually buy the stuff. I do have a lot of coconut based products on hand, so I made this. I am not a believer in drinking my calories, but every once in a while I like a little something in my coffee. Here is what I came up with.

About 1 Tbsp of coconut milk (can)
About and equal amount of unsweetened coconut milk beverage

Mix together. Add some, to taste, to a cup of coffee. Add a packet of splenda. Stir and enjoy.

Nice idea Wolfman, I use one heaped teaspoon of natural flavor protein powder.

Tried the protein powder once, but it was a while back. I thought that it looked like it curdled up, and have not tried it since. Will have to give it a go again.

Try to mix it with a little cold water, before you put it in the coffee.

Thanks for the tip. Like this idea better. I can enjoy my coffee guilt free now.

Maybe a little natural protein in with the coconut creamer mixture above for the rare occasion!

Sounds good.

I’m an almond milk and Splenda guy myself.

And with Millstones Seasonals Peppermint blend… ah, coffee.

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