Dairy Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

This may or may not have been posted before, but since I couldn’t find it, I thought I’d post!

We actually used this as a meal replacement item, but I think I may use this in the future to add calories to my day when I’m trying to put on weight. It was awesome!!

Ingredients (2 hefty servings)

-1 cup full fat coconut milk
-1 cup almond milk
-2 tbsp natty pb
-3 scoops protein powder (I used Metabolic Drive Low Carb Chocolate) (1/3 cup scoop sizes or approx 29g/serv)

Put all ingredients into the blender and blend for a while. Start ice cream machine, pour in ingredients, and 20 minutes later…ice cream!

I provided a picture of the results below. This was straight out of the ice cream maker so it was a bit softer. If you want a harder ice cream, you can just throw it into the freezer for a few hours (or days).

The liquid portion of this can be adjusted. For this recipe, I think next time I’ll use Light Coconut milk b/c of the added fats in the peanut butter. You could also use just almond milk or water or milk, whatever you want.

As made, here is the nutrition facts per serving:

Fat: 33g
Carbs: 14.5g
Prot: 38.5g

This could easily be adjusted by doing ALL coconut milk (brings calories up about 200/serving) or decreasing cals with ALL almond milk and/or replace natty peanut butter with PB2. Basically, it’s a desert you can adjust to any nutritional need.

I’m going to try a strawberry vanilla protein ice cream and maybe have it for breakfast >:)

THANK YOU, looks awesome! Trying this one soon.

Very cool. My wife makes something similar. It’s torture waiting on it to freeze.

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