Daily Structure and My Plan Up for Evaluation

I am in the process of adjusting the way I approach food on a. Daily basis and taking a week to get used to the supplements. I know I will like the program but I do have a question.

Sorry for the long post…

This is my plan after two days of tweaking

Wake 0900-0930
Water. 1 16 ounce glass
Brain candy 1 bottle
I3g. 4-6 tablets

Preload Plazma. 1030
Workout. 1100-1300
Mag-10 1300-1400

Shake w/Superfood 1400-1530

Leave for work at 1530 hours

Flameout. 1700-1815 (time is pre assigned)

Dinner. 1830-2100 (time is pre assigned)

Flameout. 2130-2245 (time is pre assigned)
Leave work a midnight

If I’m home all day my target times in evening are
1730 Shake
2000 dinner
2200 Shake

I tired the Shake w/ Superfood first thing in morning but it left my stomach too full when pre loading Plazma.

Also … I have Mag-10 post workout … Does that count as a worthy replacement to the fourth Shake in the sequence of the day?

I am female 5’6 266 pounds this morning with lots of body fat to lose … I am a police dispatcher so we are mainly seated for 8 hours but i try to stand as much as possible since we have moveable desks that allow us to stand.

Any advice is greatly appreciated to help me make the most of the plan and the supplements.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom :slight_smile:
I will certainly clarify anything as needed.


Julie welcome to the V-Diet community!

I just finished it a few weeks ago. Here is my blog: V-Diet Log Starting 2/22/2016 While Doing CrossFit

My advice is to follow the V-Diet to the book. There is a e-book that comes with the V-Diet. Read it and do exactly as it says.

You should drop a lot of weight in the next month. I only lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks but I’m male 5’4" and currently 143.

Just curious,why is the workout taking 2 hours?

After this is over, have you done any research on changing your eating habits for the better? Have you read this:

Since I have been a CrossFitter for the past 3 years, I’ve followed a Paleo type diet. Here is an article on that:

I’m now following a Paleo’ish diet with steel cut oats and some rice. All carbs are around my workout window. The rest of the day is lean meat and veggies. If you eat like this: meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar, you should be good for a while. :slight_smile:

Sorry the schedule is not the total time for my workout. It is a time frame when I plan on doing it due to watching my 8 month old grandson… I go when he naps :slight_smile:

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