Daily Road Block... Need Detour


Hey Chris,
Quick question… I’m a stay at home mom on the V-Diet and take my son to the daycare at the gym…however, today the battery in my truck died and my hubby has the other car keys so I can’t leave until he comes home tonight with a new battery.

I have 10lb dumbells I’ve been doing my squats, bent over rows, and db bench press with but feel I need to bump it up so what can I do from the house to ensure a good workout with light weight? I’m trying to find positive solutions in what seems to be something daily that irritates the piss out of me when I can’t make it to the gym…Thanks and I guess it was’nt so quick lol


Take a look at the V-Burn Challenge portion of the workouts. Those are all body weight movements. You can pick and choose among those, take short rest periods, and get in a great at-home workout.

One of my favorite low-weight exercises is the thruster. Hold dumbbells at your shoulders, squat down deeply, and fire back up. As you reach the standing position, smoothly transition into an overhead press with the dumbbells. Go for X number of reps or shoot for intervals - 30 seconds of thrusting, 30 seconds of rest, or whatever. This is pretty vicious.

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