Daily Diet Question



First, I would like to say awesome job on the HSM recipes! This site has made up my mind for the coming year- get rid of ALL white carbs (flour, grains, sugar, …).

My question is: What is your daily intake of food ( I am not talking about calories, but what do you eat everytime you sit down and how much, portion size)

I want to make a switch and I know I should not count calories because everyday is different, but when I made some of the recipes, they came out with a lot of calories.

If you could just post what portions you eat for a day, it would be helpful!

Sidenote- I do not know if it is in my mind, but after cutting out white carbs on Sunday, I feel much better. Weird!

thanks for the help


I honesty don’t worry about portion sizes. They are typically large!

The important thing to keep in mind is that with all healthy food choices, you will self-regulate. Sure, maybe some foods are high in calories for that meal (coconut oil, avocado, almond flour etc are all dense in cals but super healthy) but you’ll auto-regulate later.

And a calorie is not a calorie in the sense that foods affect your body differently. 200 calories of white flour is far more harmful than 400 calories of, say, olive oil.

All that said, see my 100 Gram Carb Cure article. By watching only carbs, you pretty much couldn’t screw up and get fat, unless you really really tried.


If you are like me (and countless others) who previously lost weight the “traditional” way, this can all seem really counter-intuitive. It sure did for me, but what a glorious revelation it has been.

I have found exactly the same thing as Chris; I eat until I am full (sometimes, really full), I don’t worry about portion sizes, and I don’t count calories. I never miss a lift, and I do something active everyday that I am not lifting. I have lost 1.5-2.0 per week since I started my V-Diet in early September, and that continues to this day (total so far is 26 pounds of scale weight and still dropping).

I have absolutely no idea how many calories I eat in a day.