Daily Caloric Intake

I started the Velocity Diet yesterday and my daily calories are more than I expected. In researching the diet prior to starting, I read workout days would be 1,300 calories and non-workout days would be 880 calories.

My first day(workout day) was 4 protein shakes with 220 calories each(880 calories), pre-workout plazma shake(420 calories) and HSM(410 calories). This totals up to 1,710 daily calories. It’s my understanding the only difference for non-workout days is to skip the plazma, which would make my daily calorie total 1,290.

Is this correct or did I miss something? Should I be 1,300 calories on workout days and 880 on non-workout days? My estimated daily maintenance calories are at 2,100.

Those are the numbers just for the shakes and Plazma.

They don’t include the daily HSM, which is 400-700 calories from animal protein, vegetables, and a good carb source. Sounds like you’re right in the ballpark with what you’re doing.

What’s your thoughts on being at 1,300 total on workout days and 880 on non-workout days? My bodyfat is around 22% and I would like to be at 15% or lower. I could eliminate the HSM and save it for once a week.

I think that would work if you currently weigh about 120 pounds. Otherwise, it’s wayyy too few calories to fuel fat loss (letalone muscle preservation) without the body going into total panic mode/legit-survival-famine mode before the metabolism basically shuts down to preserve life.

Years and years ago, one HSM per week was an earlier version of the Velocity Diet. It was tougher to stick to, because food cravings and the monotony of only having shakes could get intense, and it also wasn’t as good at instilling the habit of making better food choices in general.

The daily HSM yields better results overall. The e-book has a section explaining why skipping the HSM is a bad idea.

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