D Dogs V-Diet Log 2/27 Start

Well it’s day one and I’m already buzzing from the HOT-ROX! The first shake was tasty.

About me:

I’m a 58 yo man, 5’10" and 172lbs. I lost 45 lbs 5 years ago and have kept it off. I’ve been at a plateau for a long time, mostly because I love to eat and drink!

I think my goals are a little different than most of the posters here as appearance is a secondary goal for me. Health and longevity are my key drivers with functional strength and power a close second. Looking better is a plesant side effect.

My Goals:

Improve body composition -10lb fat +2lb lean mass
Improve blood chemistry HDL higher, Triglycerides & LDL lower
Maintain or lower blood pressure
Maintain or lower resting pulse
Vanity goal reduce pants size from 36 waist to 33 waist

I will be following the diet program closely. I’ll use the intermediate workout with some small modifications due to injuries.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Starting data:
Weight 171.6
BF Scale 21.6
BF Pinch 21%

Measurements & pix to follow


& yep I’m a scuba diver. Also a martial artist (Krav Maga) & a ballroom & Latin dancer

hey diverdog…i see u have decided to start a blog as well…good for you!!! good luck…!!!

Thanks Aga, encouragement from hot ladies always appreciated! lol

Starting data:
Weight 171.6
BF Scale 21.6%
BF Pinch 21%
Ankle R 9" L9"
Calf R 15.25 L 15.75
Thigh R 23.75 L 24.5
Hips 41.25
Waist 37
Chest 43
Arm R 12.25 L 12.5
Neck 15.25

Resting Heart 59 bpm
BP 126/77

HDL 51
LDL 95
Triglycerides 81
T 502

Day 1 pix to come

thanks man. yeah. waiting to weigh in is tough, but it is also really motivating. good luck to you too, i’ll be checking in with ya.

Yikes I hate looking at these! But they will be good motivation for me. I love the way the compression shorts show off my love handles! lol The real fat boy is me 45 lbs ago




Good job man. A big change from then and now already losing the 45 lbs on your own. It looks like you and I are starting about the same time. Lets make a wager or something on who can stick to it and make the biggest change. I love a good bet!

Who knew peanut butter could taste so good! I ate exactly to plan and no problem with hunger but the HOT-ROX made me jittery all day.

NEPA was 2 hours of dancing.
Additional sups 3 ZMA & melatonin at bed time

Day 2: A little less buzz from the HOT-ROX. I’m not hungry at all and don’t really have any cravings. I do have a low level headache. Ate exactly to plan. NEPA was 2 hours of dancing.
Additional sups 3 ZMA & melatonin at bed time
Slept like a baby!

keep going strong diver…just envision that scale readout in five days time.

Day three:

Still no hunger, actually I have to force myself to eat all of the shakes today. My wife is home now & she’s not happy I’m on this plan. She thinks I’m nuts! Smelling her dinner cook was interesting.

Did my first intermediate workout today. The squats killed me. I haven’t done them in a long time. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I have a torn calf from Krav Maga and I’m going to have a tough time with the squats & deads.

NEPA was on the exercise bike 30 min AM 35 min PM

Keep up the great work Diver - my hubby wasn’t thrilled with my decision to do this either, but he came around about 2 weeks into it. He just hated seeing me get “spacy” due to the lack of carbs and HOT-ROX combo . . .I just kept reminding him “it’s only 4 weeks hon”, and that seemed to help.

Plus, I now feel much more comfortable wearing the “special presents” that he got me for Christmas from Fredericks. . . so he’s not complaining too much anymore! lol

I don’t like the edgy HOT-ROX feeling at all but it is more manageable today.

Christy, your hubby is a lucky guy to have such a focused and hard working wife. Your starting pics are hot. I’m sure the end results will be smokin’. Honestly 95% of women would kill to have a body like your before pic! lol But they aren’t willing to do the work to be fit.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor I’m sure your husband will!

Day 4:
Slept great last night. Took 1 HOT-ROX & did 35 min NEPA on bike as soon as I got up. Foam rolled legs hips & butt. HOT-ROX buzz more manageable today. No headache.

Quads not as sore as I thought they would be. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow! lol

I think I will get the rest of my NEPA shoveling snow this afternoon. theres 6" on the ground already with 3-4 more coming.

[quote]diverdog wrote:

I think I will get the rest of my NEPA shoveling snow this afternoon. theres 6" on the ground already with 3-4 more coming.[/quote]

Yeah, I live in the coastal bend of TX, but lived in Boston for 4 years before moving here. I still work for my Boston employer (remotely). It was really cold here this morning (about 38 degrees - cold for here!) and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and my achy muscles until I saw the news about the snowstorm that hammered New England yesterday/today! All of my co-workers in Boston are hating on me today b/c I didn’t have to endure the 2 hour nightmare of a communte into work this morning . . .

Hi! Sounds like you are doing well :slight_smile:

I too am experiencing the low level headache and HOT-ROX jitters. I know that “cloudy” feeling is a side effect of the low carbs. I hope it wears off.

I’ve got Day 1 Advanced WO today and I’m looking forward to it.

Stay focused today!

Good job! I’ll keep checking in with you. Your 3 days ahead of me so I’m looking up to you.

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