Cycling Indigo-3G

I’ve been taking Indigo pretty religiously for the past 2 years. I was recently talking with a fellow T Nation enthusiast and he mentioned I might benefit from taking a break for a couple of months to re-sensitize my body to the effects. Is there an official opinion on this topic? Thanks!

There isn’t a question of becoming desensitized or needing resensization, but it may well be (often is) that you can take time off and for quite some time continue to enjoy the benefits you’ve achieved with Indigo-3G.

Why not give a break a try, it will add to your knowledge of how things are working for you and what you need to do. Even if it happens that you’re a person who does best with continuous use at some dose (possibly lower than you’ve been using) you’ll lose nothing by trying a break. If you see yourself slowly beginning to return to your pre-Indigo-3G state or are disappointed with your workouts, it will be fast enough to correct that on resuming use.

As Bill said, Indigo-3G is not one of the supplements that needs cycling nor does your body “get used to it” or “get sensitized” to it.

Thank you for the quick response!

I too am a long time user of the product (since it 1st came out…and never stopped), and I had also wondered on whether taking a break from it would be prudent. I’m finding some interesting things though:

  1. The current recommendation is to take 4-6 caps/day all at one time. I had been using 12 caps/day (used to be 3 x 4 then 2 x 6) until the last 6 months when I went to the recommended 6 caps/day. I have recently switched back to 8-12 caps/day taken either 2 x 4 or 3 x 4, and for me there IS a difference. So it puzzles me when I read suggestions that only 6 is really all that is needed at one time. I might be an outlier here. Why would this be? It could be psychological, but I also rely on others who tell me I definitely look a lot tighter recently after going to the new Indigo regimen (8-12 caps a day). Nothing else has changed. A real quandry.

  2. I am so much less “tired” after a meal containing higher carbs amounts when I split Indigo (2 x 4 or 3 x 4) than just taking Indigo once a day (6 caps). Perhaps I am not really absorbing the proper amount of the product in only one serving, and splitting the intake is better for me from an absorption aspect? Just pondering here.

Whatever the reasoning, I definitely believe for me I need to split the intake. Indigo is no longer a “supplement” for me…it now is like a required nutrient for me. Frankly, everything changed for me with the advent of Indigo and MAG-10 (yes, even over Plazma).

On this kind of thing I’d do exactly as you are doing. On pre-release testing we found 4 casules per day was much better than any smaller amount and 6 clearly more effective yet. Some reported doing better on 6 capsules twice per day and as firstly we wanted people to be sure of getting outstanding results, the original recommendation was 6 twice per day.

With gained experience though 6 once per day for most is thoroughly effective and plenty - further improvement with 2x/day dosing was now found more unusual - and a second important consideration is not wanting people to have to spend extra money at no further gain to them. Given your experience I’d absolutely agree it’s a fact for you that the higher dosing works better for you, I think that’s relatively uncommon personal variation for unknown reason. As total guesswork perhaps from an affected inflammatory process being more active and needing higher dosage to be normalized, or perhaps less absorption or more microbial metabolism of it in the GI tract.

Broadly, Indigo-3G optimal use is more individual than other supplements in general, but I believe the present recommendation is the best for the great majority for the first period of use. With time adjustment may be called for but can be evaluated only personally. Much much more commonly adjustment can be down rather than up.

Ok to take Indigo-3G with pwoi

I don’t actively know a reason for a problem but have never evaluated that.

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