Cycling Indigo-3G/Micro-PA with Carbolin 19 on Cyclic Keto Diet


I’m presently doing a cyclic keto diet to cut which is always very effective for me. Primary goal is fat loss but I also want to add a lb or so of muscle.
I was thinking of taking the Carbolin 19 on the keto days to increase ampk and then stopping the carbolin and take the Indigo-3G and Micro-PA on the carb up days in which I will also be doing 2 heavy workout sessions.

Any contradictions with this timing?
I was also wondering if this same approach would work on a daily basis, for example low carbs and carbolin all day and then switch to Indigo-3G and Micro-PA in the evening before my workout and then carb up.


I feel like this would be a more effective route, compared to just taking Indigo and Micro-PA just twice a week on the carb-up days. Having Indigo (and Micro-PA) before training, even on a straight keto day, will be the most efficient use of it/them in that context.


Thanks Chris.
One question though, wouldn’t the Carbolin 19 contradict the actions of the Micro-PA if taken on same day since Carbolin 19 increases cAMP and Micro-PA activates mTOR right?
On the cyclic keto diet I’d actually do the Indigo-3G and Micro-PA friday sat and sunday if that makes any difference