Cycling Biotest Supplements?

Chris, I recently posted all the supps I take (Micro PA, Indigo, Plazma,Mag-10) and was just wondering if it was necessary to be cycling on/off any of these products and for how long; I hear about people carb/protein cycling and such- so wasn’t sure.

Also, one more thing, I haven’t taken any creatine or BCAAS in about 2months, (when I started taking Biotest products) is there a place for those supps with what I’m taking- or replacing them? (Natural competitive bodybuilder) much appreciated as always

Most supplements do not need to be cycled. That’s sort of a leftover phrase from the prohormone days. If any Biotest supplement needs cycled (Alpha Male come to mind), the label will say so.

Now, some people make a false assumption when it comes to certain supplements. They think “my body got used to it” so they cycle off, then get back on to “feel it” again. But the supplement was always working and doing its thing – they just got used to it psychologically, but not physiologically, if that makes sense.

It’s smart to not overuse things like stimulants of course. That’s something you can adapt to – there’s a point where adding more and more just doesn’t do anything for you and you start to backslide.

Carb/protein cycling is another matter, a diet issue, and you’ll find smart experts on both sides of the fence on those issues, with dozens of different theories and diets based on them. I’ve also noted that when you use proper workout nutrition, such as Plazma, you are carb cycling in a sense because you don’t use it on non-lifting days, hence naturally cycling carbs.

As for your other questions, you probably don’t need extra BCAAs if you’re already using Plazma and Mag-10. Adding creatine is perfectly fine if you respond well to it, and you can add it right into things like Plazma, Surge or Mag-10.

Thank you very much for the quick response Chris; one more question- to the last part, if I were to incorporate creatine back into the mix of things, is there an optimal place it would fit in- I have heard pre workout, post, other times of the day, etc, thanks!

In the early early days of creatine research, everyone was trying to figure out the best time to take it, mainly before or after training. Opinions and studies were mixed. Now we know that it really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re taking it daily and staying “topped off” so to speak. And if you use <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Malate there’s no need to load.

Perfect, and one more question and I swear I will be done! In regards to Plazma, I have been preloading with the one serving, and then taking two servings during my workout; (exception legs; three servings) would there ever be a need to up the dosage as (hopefully) strength/muscle gains increase?

Also the same with Mag-10, I’ll take one serving after workouts (exception legs; one serving hour later after first) and a serving between meals. Thanks!

With <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma, most people will never need to go over label recommendations (3 servings with one of them preloaded before training.) However, our pro-bodybuilders have been know to exceed that.

Now, keep in mind some of them, like Amit Sapir, are training upwards of two hours and have an insane amount of muscle mass to fuel. Most people are just fine with 2-3 total servings. That said, nothing wrong with bumping it up a serving or two for extra long or tough workouts and seeing how it works for you. Many Plazma users will adjust their dosage based on the workout for that day, as you seem to be doing, which is a great strategy.

For <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10, it’s best to stick to the serving size per “pulse.” If you want to experiment with more, add extra pulses between meals, first thing in the AM, before bed, middle of the night etc. John Meadows would even have some of his bodybuilders have it with a solid snack, though the protein pulsing effect is best post-training or between solid meals.

Sounds good Chris!; also, I was pondering something today- so it looks like now my Peri Workout Supplementation will consist of: Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, Plazma, and Mag-10, as well as Creatine Malate (once it comes in)- do you think adding Finibar somewhere in there before working out would be beneficial at all, or does it look like I’m covered?

(I’m just concerned if I’m getting enough macros/calories in that peri workout window) If so, where would it be most optimal in my peri workout? (Keep in mind I only have an hour window 5a.m.-6a.m.; we start at exactly 6)

You’re probably very well covered, but if need to a convenient pre-workout solid meal, Finibars would be great an hour or so before training. Might be tough to fit that in to an early AM schedule though.