Cutting w/ 1 Solid Meal a Day,PLAZMA and MAG-10


When I want to cut down what do you think of this plan?
I’m always train first thing in the morning.

5:45 15min pre workout 1 serving Plazma
6:00-7:15 training 2 or 3 servings Plazma
7:30 1 serving MAG-10
10:30 1 serving MAG-10
13:30 1 serving MAG-10
16:00 1 solid meal protein and fats, veggies
20:00 to bed
24:00 1 serving MAG-10 (when I wake up to go to the toilet

You bet that’s a good plan. Several of us here at T Nation have experimented and tested just such a plan. Convenient and works very well. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for peri-workout, <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 for post-workout and protein pulsing, solid meal at night. Sort of like the Pulse Fast mixed with a little V-Diet Lite. Works very well. All you really have to do is adjust the solid meal calorically to tweak it for your body and goals.

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