Cutting Back on the Metabolic Drive

I have a question that I would really appriciate some feed back on. If anyone has gone through the same , please pipe in.

Q: When I was calulating my program by entering my age and weight it put me in a meal plan that has me drinking 3 scoops of Metabolic Drive for meal 1 and 5. I never was a big eater in the morning but I have been muscling down. (it take me a while to finish the last of it). Meal 5 is the same (accually harder) but I manage to chug it.

Would it be horrible to cut back on one scoop for both those meals? My age is 30 and weight is now 217lbs (was 223lbs). when I recalculated the program with the weight I am currently at, it shows a meal plan consisting of only 2 scoops of MD for meal 1 and 5. the rest of the menu is the same. Would it be a bad idea to use the updated menu? would it hurt my sucsess? BTW I am 3 days into the program.

man… that would be putting you 200ish calories further into deficit than you already are… I personally think that may be a bit much.

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