Cutting Back a Little? Plazma or Mag-10?

So I’ve been on a huge kick of cutting back spending where I feel it can be done. I’m spending over $300 a month on supplements right now. While I don’t mind investing in myself, I feel there’s a little bit that I could probably do without.

So my question is…If your workout routine was never more than 30min and you had to choose between 2 scoops of Plazma or 1 scoop of Plazma and a serving of Mag-10 an hour after wich would you choose?


Start Plazma before and finish it during, Mag-10 after. For sure.

Even if you’re doing a ton of high intensity stuff (training up to or beyond failure), two scoops of Plazma would be overkill for a half-hour session.

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