Cuttin Down Treestump!

Ok, getting engaged this last month was the final straw I needed to get my fat ass in shape.
Especially since my fiancee is 5’5 and 98 pounds soaking wet holding a brick.

Day one Is done! Here’s what I’ve got to start, lets see if this works!!

Shoulders: 52"
Chest 56"
Waist 54"
Right Thigh 25"
Left Thigh 24 3/4 “
Left Calf 18"
Right Calf 18”

Took all supplements strictly, packing everything the night before, so at work I’d have no
excuse to skip anything. Pictures will be posted tomorrow. No problems, having a blender
made each shake taste pretty good. But god almighty is the shakes too sweet. The flax seed
is a life saver for that. And while I’m pretty sure the guys who made up Surge know what
they’re doing, For fucks sake does the original flavor taste like vanilla flavored ass!!

Workout, 1 hour on the treadmill, 4mph with a 2% incline.

First lifting session

Benchpress, 55lbs
9, 9, 8, 6, 4, 4

Instead of squats i do leg presses, as my form on squats suck.
9, 9, 9, 6, 6

Bent over row.
8, 8, 8, 8, 4, 2, 2

and to finish it off, 50 reps on the gripper machine, with 150lbs loaded on.

I have total faith this is gonna work!!!

My tip of the day? Cashew butter!!!, just add a dash of salt to the mix in the
shake, and life is going good.

Good luck to each and every one who’s going through this at the same time, and lets
get to some serious pain!!!


Forgot to post height/weight

Height 5’8"
Weight 265

I don’t know about the vanilla Metabolic Drive, but the chocolate is the best thing I have going.

The squats can be a struggle, but if you do a lighter weight and focus on the form, I’m sure you’ll nail it. My form sucks as I go heavy, but I have been finding that doing a lighter weight and actually stopping as I slow, I stop before my form becomes horrendous…

Good luck Treestump, it looks like you’re off to a good start.

oh another big guy like me…nice to have you aboard!

Good luck I’ll be here with ya…

(Congrats on the upcoming wedding)

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