Curse of Slow Mirror Follow Up


Good Day Sir!

Okay so this is a follow up to my question on your live spill about the mirror error. So here is the situation. I got to Afghanistan in late February here are my stats at that time:

Age:34 y.o
Sex: Male
Height: 5" 11"
Occupation: Military

All measurements taken 7 mar 2011
Tape measure
Belly: 37"
Hips: 35"
Chest: 42"
Sternum: 37"
Thigh: (L)23.5" ®24.5"
Calves (L) 15" ®15"
neck: 14"

Digital Calipers:

Upper chest avg. 14mm
Belly: 32mm
Leg: 17mm

Digital caliper reading: 18.4

Digital Scale:
Weight: 195lbs

Back ground. During the year before deployment I was training all over the country. Eating mostly at restaurants living out of a duffle bag. I became the fattest I have ever been. Weighing in at almost 200lbs. When I went for selection of my unit I was 177lbs this was only a year prior to that. This loss of control of my diet and fitness could have cost me my job if I could’t pass the PT test.

But the adrenal burn out and long hours left very little energy for fitness I would come out of training and just want to sleep. Especially since I would only have 4-6 hours of sleep till I did it all over again. This was 200 days of almost straight training last year. When I did train when I had energy I would lift more to keep my strength than to cut up.

Current. This tour has been actually been a blessing. Most days I have time to train at least once a day, most times I train twice. I am doing still as stressful as a job its just spread out to allow me to train better. Plus doing actual work, with it being +50 most days I probably burn a lot of calories. In fact training is a necessity to control stress and boredom.

Training schedule

6 days a week - I do morning semi-Fasted Cardio for 40-60mins (I take a serving of MAG-10 before + 2 HOT-ROX)

I split my lifting routine as such:

Day 1 : Vertical Pull / Vertical Push + Bi’s and Tri’s

Day 2 : Quad / Hip dominant

Day 3 : Horizontal Pull / Horizontal Push + Bi’s and Tri’s

Day 4 : Plyo, Sled work , and Load bearing walk

Wash, rinse, Repeat


This one is definitely harder to nail down.

Morning on wake up:


After cardio:

Egg white wrap


I try to have the fish with a salad option but sometimes there is only garbage (military mess food)

Mid day:
I use the Anaconda protocol:
So I have 1/3 serving before training + 2 HOT-ROX
1/3 during
1/3 after

Fish if available or leanest looking option, plus veg, plus salad

Night Snack:

Two scoops of myofusion plus some nuts (almonds or pastasios)

Variable: If I am over tired from work and lack of sleep I sometimes slip up and eat sweets. Its only when I am totally drained and over tired. Which could be a factor cause sleep patterns are often affected. This is why I did not put times with my meals. They are based off when I wake. So if I am working late, lunch could be 2am. I try to stay as routined as I can. But there are always exceptions out here.

Current Stats:

Weight: 181lbs

Tape measure:

Hips: 32.5"
Belly: 33.5
Chest: 44"
Shoulders: 50"
Thigh: 24 (L & R)
Calves: 15 (L & R )
Bicep: 15.75" (L)
16" ®

Digital Caliper

Chest: 5mm
Belly: 12mm
Thigh: 8mm

8.4% — HAHA YEAH RIGHT! I’m guessing 10-13%


Okay, based on your other post, you’re worried that your progress has stopped and that you may even be regressing, right?

I don’t often recommend refeeds (because most people don’t deserve them) but in your case I’m wondering if you could do a couple of days per week of higher calories? You may need it.

I know it’s next to impossible to count calories in your situation, but yours could have been too low for too long. A refeed could include rice and oatmeal.

Also, what kinds of dietary fats are you able to get? Your intake seems pretty low. I’d rather see you ditch the wrap for the egg whites and eat whole eggs. And don’t sweat eating some red meat. We don’t want your T-levels to fall due to too low of a fat intake. More fats could also keep you satiated longer and maybe that’ll help with the sweets.

What do you think?


Sure sounds great. I’m your student!

I am running really low on my EFA sups. Mail here has been down right brutal. So I have about a week or two of taking half the “recommended dose” so a quarter of what I normally take in. What about other animal fats? I heard of some dieters putting a little organic cream in with their protein shakes. There is cream here but I don’t think its organic. As well as butter, lots of cheese, Peanut butter I would have to go see if its natural or not though. (*confirmed natural)

I am in pretty good with the cook here. So I can get a little extra leeway in terms of foods.

I guess I was in a bit of denial about the dietary fat. But to be honest I have noticed a negative change in my hair and skin as well and my elbows normally don’t bother me but lately they have. I think this could be one of the keys for sure!

Oatmeal is no problem they have it a breakfast every morning. And the most of the time have rice with most meals (basmati most of the time) We always have steak night on thrusdays and prime rib on sundays but sometimes the quality is not North American standards.

I guess I just need to know timing for this stuff and amounts.

I am pretty strong for sweets only when I am sleep deprived or extremely over tire. Which is funny cause I recently read that your body will crave simple carbs when sleep deprived trying to spike don’t qoute me but its either serotonin or melatonin levels.

It’s funny you say eat more. I was about to starve my self more and only drink protein shakes for the next 5 weeks, And I know better than that. My initial change happened with in the first 3 months of being here. Stagnant for one month and kinda regressing this month.

  1. Heavy cream is fine for bumping calories. Organic is nice, but regular is fine too. Doesn’t take much!

  2. Nuts are a good source. I’d avoid nut butter if it’s not truly natural.

  3. You’ll just have to play with quantity, and consider the carb-up weekend. Should be good for you.


Sweet! Thanks.

Kinda way out there question. But after reading your article on nicotine. Would the patch help me out a bit.


[quote]strength_forever wrote:
Sweet! Thanks.

Kinda way out there question. But after reading your article on nicotine. Would the patch help me out a bit. [/quote]

I haven’t tried the patch. I’m told it’s not as good as the gum for our purposes (cognitive enhancement, energy, mood.)

I would suggest the gum though. It’s a nice 30-60 minute kick that’s very different than caffeine. However, if there’s an underlying problem that can be fixed – too low in carbs/cals, overtraining etc. – then of course it’s better to fix it than mask it.


Since the weekend is really on a Friday here. I Carbed up the last two days. Back into routine tomorrow…

Noticed some positive side effects. Muscles feel fuller, I rediscovered I have veins. I feel pumped just from doing simple tasks.

Some negative effects, actually feel sluggish.


Sounds like you definitely needed the carb-up then if you notice the pumps, vascularity etc. Sluggishness should subside.

Keep us posted.